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Streamlining to Propel Us Into God's Future

For almost a year and a half we have been looking at a new model of organizing the church that has bishops throughout United Methodism lauding its potential for church growth and for more extensive ministry service. It’s called a Leadership Board model that Rev. Joyce Fry, former assistant to Bishop Bruce Ough, first introduced to us at a church retreat two years ago.

The Leadership Board’s purpose and function for Bethel will be to ensure that we are fulfilling our mission of “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the purpose of transforming the world.” It will greatly streamline our current committee structure by combining the responsibilities of the traditional Administrative Council, Staff/Parish Relations Committee, Finance Committee, Lay Empowerment Committee, and Trustees into one board of 12 members, 10 lay and 2 staff.

The new 12-person board will assist in clarifying God’s vision and call for our church by not only handling the responsibilities outlined in the United Methodist Book of Discipline, but being forward-thinking in planning for the church in the years ahead. It may create task forces or study groups to look into and execute special projects and attend conferences and workshops, as well as visit other churches.

Here are the abilities we will be seeking in constituting the Leadership Board:

  • To seek first the kingdom of God (Matt 6:33), the big picture for the future, and not get bogged down in day-to-day functions.
  • To follow in Jesus’ footsteps as a barrier-breaker with a desire to creatively work through the organizational, financial, and physical impediments to living into God’s will.
  • To feel passionate about the power of prayer and its ability to move mountains (Matt 21:21-22), melt hardened hearts, and change the world.

Members will apply to be on the Board and will be reviewed annually to assess commitment, vision, mission, role, and God’s call. Staff will be reorganized in highly accountable ways and our laity will be released from monthly committee obligations to engage in joyous ministries. There will be an Information Meeting at 8:00pm on May 8th in Room 4, and a team of Pastor Miran, Karen Hopper, Jen Hering, and myself are available for any small group dialogue. 

As we conclude our Jesus in Disguise sermon series, we will be receiving a New Membership Class on Mother’s Day and then launching a new series that will last throughout the summer called, The Looking Glass Parables. We hope to have our sermons online in the near future. Invite your friends to church!

Glorifying Christ,

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