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From Pastor Ken Lee's Pen

On Monday, April 29 at the very last gong, Pastor Ken was accepted to and entered Dodd Hall of OSU Hospital to begin two weeks of intensive physical therapy. He continues to improve, is months ahead of schedule, and is always focused on God’s will and direction. He has asked me to share these thoughts on the latest world events.

From Pastor Ken Lee’s pen:

When Evil Hits, Many Angels Surface

We felt evil’s power through the recent Boston Marathon bomb  incidents.  According the CNN news today (April 2), the bomb suspects had another evil act planned on Times Square later that night. They hijacked the car with the intent to go to New York City and kill more people.  Their plan may have been to hit the Marathon in the day and Times Square at night. 

This illustrates the power of evil and the use of human agents (the brothers) who were brainwashed by fanatic Muslim extremists.  At the same time, we heard many beautiful stories of people created in the image of God (Gen 1:27) who risked it all for others.  Therefore, I come up with the following conclusion: “When evil hits, many angels surface.”

God created all human beings, believing and non-believing, in his image. When evil hits, God’s angelic nature within humans everywhere surfaces. That is why we hear these beautiful stories of goodwill. Jesus is the perfect example of the one who defeated evil through his own sacrificial love on the cross.