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Summer Sunday School

Guest Teachers Needed

Do you have a passion or skill you’d like to teach to children? Like painting or origami...or gardening? Do you love to play games… or do fun science experiments? Is there a large project for the church you’d like to see completed with help from the Bethel children? 

We would like to try something different during Sunday School during the  summer months. Attendance is generally low and teachers go on vacation or just need a break. We would like to offer “classes” for children to attend at 10am where they would participate in games or learn a new skill, while learning how God is always in our lives.

A sign-up sheet is just outside Room 7 where you can choose the Sunday you would like to teach the combined Sunday School class (ages 4-12). This is the perfect opportunity to get to know our children and try your hand at teaching your hobby or favorite games to them. See Jennie Whetstone if you have further questions.