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House Blessing Preparations in Belize

I've never seen Nell so excited

GroupWe’re busy with preparations for a house blessing and community party scheduled for tomorrow (August 29) at 4:00pm. We are expecting to feed about 150 San Narciso friends (who open their homes to Nell every day), complete with balloons and a ribbon cutting. I’ve never seen Nell so excited. We try to explain about what is going to happen and he is understanding it in the best way he can (maybe better than I understand it). I will tell everyone at the celebration how Jesus often appears in these beautiful disguises, of how Nell embodies Jesus’ words, “As you’ve done it to one of the least of these, who is a member of my own family, you’ve done it to me” (Matthew 25:40).


Hugging GregNell can’t stop hugging Gregg Kuck and me, saying over and over again in words we can’t make out except for “Casa! Casa! Casa!” He wants us to come to his house.” I know that an entire Bethel International UMC church community will come spiritually, along with a “great cloud of witnesses” in heaven. That holy presence will be so heavy, our knees may buckle.