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Nell's House Blessing Stole the Hearts of his Village

No one had ever seen anything quite like it

Even the people of San Narciso joke about “Belize time” when planning any event. So when we sent out written invitations in Spanish for the 4:00pm. August 29th blessing of Nell’s new house, we thought maybe everything would be underway by 5:30. We rented 3 tents and plastic tables and chairs for close to 150 people, who would also enjoy the community supper we would provide. We also wondered if the tropical storm bearing down on us would wash everything out.

Nell and familyIt rained on and off all day, but the gorgeous blue sky broke through a little before 4:00pm. All the little boys in Nell’s extended family had sat for haircuts earlier in the afternoon, and by “show time” everyone in his family was dressed in their best. At 4:15 there were over 100 people in their seats and soon thereafter we started. Unheard of!

I spoke to the crowd of the power of the Holy Spirit that allowed this hurricane-proof house with 3 bedrooms to be built. Of how extensive the prayer and financial support was back in Columbus, OH (over $14,000 in proceeds). And how Nell was somewhat of a “rock star” back home with his picture being posted everywhere around the church and his story told at almost every juncture.Nell posing

Nell cut the red ribbon on his front door as people clapped and cheered wildly. About 150 people walked through this 3-bedroom home single file, and by the time we finished with food, over 200 people had been served. Nell was beside himself, going from table to table, like a celebrity, getting his picture taken.

A new bed was built for him, complete with an orthopedic mattress and Spiderman sheets. There was live music and children dancing. And it wasn’t until everything was completely taken down and cleaned-up that the rains started again and continued all night. No one had ever seen anything quite like it. All praise be to the Lord! (Psalm 106:48)