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10/15   TCSLINKTONEWS[146168,PEAK EXPERIENCES…Mount of Olives,layout_details]
10/08   TCSLINKTONEWS[146167,PEAK EXPERIENCES…Mount Carmel,layout_details]
10/01   TCSLINKTONEWS[145670,PEAK EXPERIENCES…Mount Ararat,layout_details]
09/24   TCSLINKTONEWS[145044,ALL THINGS NEW...Fulfilling the Law of Christ,layout_details]
09/17   TCSLINKTONEWS[144654,ALL THINGS NEW...Embracing Unity in Christ,layout_details]
09/10   TCSLINKTONEWS[144284,ALL THINGS NEW...Being Crucified with Christ,layout_details]
09/03   TCSLINKTONEWS[143920,ALL THINGS NEW...Receiving a Revelation of Christ,layout_details]
08/27   TCSLINKTONEWS[143554,STORYLINE... Joseph's Forgiveness and Me,layout_details]
08/13   TCSLINKTONEWS[142931,STORYLINE... Joseph's Setbacks and Me,layout_details]
08/06   TCSLINKTONEWS[142649,STORYLINE... Joseph's Life at 17 and Me,layout_details]
07/30   TCSLINKTONEWS[142329,Called by God... Jonah Answers,layout_details]
07/23   TCSLINKTONEWS[141989,Called by God... Esther Answers,layout_details]
07/16   TCSLINKTONEWS[141662,Called by God... Jeremiah Answers,layout_details]
07/09   TCSLINKTONEWS[141318,Called by God... Samuel Answers,layout_details]
07/02   TCSLINKTONEWS[141040,Called by God... David Answers,layout_details]
06/25   TCSLINKTONEWS[140777,Called by God... Moses Answers (Part 2),layout_details]
06/18   TCSLINKTONEWS[140769,Called by God... Moses Answers (Part 1),layout_details]
06/11   TCSLINKTONEWS[140036,Called by God... Abraham Answers,layout_details]
06/04   TCSLINKTONEWS[139876,Jesus Sightings... Through the Promised Holy Spirit,layout_details]
05/28   Not available due to technical difficulties
05/21   TCSLINKTONEWS[139124,Jesus Sightings... To a Heartbroken Peter,layout_details]
05/14   TCSLINKTONEWS[138847,Jesus Sightings... To Fishermen with No Catch,layout_details]
05/07   TCSLINKTONEWS[138526,Jesus Sightings... Through the Offering of Peace,layout_details]
04/30   TCSLINKTONEWS[138154,Jesus Sightings... At an Emmaus Table,layout_details]
04/23   TCSLINKTONEWS[137853,Jesus Sightings... To a Doubting Thomas,layout_details]
04/16   TCSLINKTONEWS[137553,Kingdom Reversals... The Pure In Heart Will See God,layout_details]
04/09   TCSLINKTONEWS[137446,Kingdom Reversals... The Humble Will Be Exalted,layout_details]
04/02   TCSLINKTONEWS[136914,Kingdom Reversals... Those Who Weep Will Have the Last Laugh,layout_details]
03/26   TCSLINKTONEWS[136553,Kingdom Reversals... The Greatest Are the Servants,layout_details]
03/19   TCSLINKTONEWS[136243,Kingdom Reversals... The Weak Become Strong,layout_details]
03/12   TCSLINKTONEWS[135884,Kingdom Reversals... The Meek Will Inherit the Earth,layout_details]
03/05   TCSLINKTONEWS[135449,Kingdom Reversals... The Last Will Be First,layout_details]
02/26   TCSLINKTONEWS[135079,Expect a Miracle... Feed the Masses,layout_details]
02/19   TCSLINKTONEWS[134759,Expect a Miracle... Associate with the Lowly,layout_details]
02/12   TCSLINKTONEWS[134330,Expect a Miracle... Rally Behind a Friend,layout_details]
02/05   TCSLINKTONEWS[133951,Expect a Miracle... Watch the Ordinary Transform,layout_details]
01/29   TCSLINKTONEWS[133641,Expect a Miracle... Let Your Past Go,layout_details]
01/22   TCSLINKTONEWS[133313,Expect a Miracle... Be a Follower of Jesus,layout_details]
01/15   TCSLINKTONEWS[133005,Expect a Miracle... Open Up Your Bible,layout_details]
01/01   TCSLINKTONEWS[132378,A Miracle Like No Other...Finding God,layout_details]
12/25   TCSLINKTONEWS[132376,Isn't there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?,layout_details]
12/24   TCSLINKTONEWS[132286,A Miracle Like No Other:  Finding Greatness,layout_details]
12/18   TCSLINKTONEWS[132096,A Miracle Like No Other:  Finding Obedience,layout_details]
12/11   TCSLINKTONEWS[131567,A Miracle Like No Other:  Finding Humility,layout_details]
12/04   TCSLINKTONEWS[131269,A Miracle Like No Other:  Finding Love,layout_details]
11/27    TCSLINKTONEWS[130944,Favorite Hymns: Immanuel,layout_details]
11/20    TCSLINKTONEWS[130742,Favorite Hymns: Come Ye Thankful People Come,layout_details]
11/13    TCSLINKTONEWS[130308,Favorite Hymns: To God Be the Glory,layout_details]
10/30    TCSLINKTONEWS[129690,Our Doggone Faith... A Spirit That Enjoys the Simple Things,layout_details]
10/23    TCSLINKTONEWS[129369,Our Doggone Faith... A Nose That Wanders Into Trouble,layout_details]
10/16    TCSLINKTONEWS[129062,Our Doggone Faith... A Heart That Beats for the Master,layout_details]
10/09    TCSLINKTONEWS[128792,Neighbors of a Devine Kind,layout_details]
10/02    Sermon Not Available
09/25    TCSLINKTONEWS[128077,Won't You Be My Neighbor?... Following and Eating,layout_details]
09/18    TCSLINKTONEWS[127754,Won't You Be My Neighbor?... Crossing the Divide,layout_details]
09/11    TCSLINKTONEWS[127421,Won't You Be My Neighbor?... Making the Time,layout_details]
09/04     TCSLINKTONEWS[127164,Won't You Be My Neighbor?... Hurry and Be Happy,layout_details]
08/28    TCSLINKTONEWS[126805,Won't You Be My Neighbor?... It's the Law,layout_details]
08/21    TCSLINKTONEWS[126526,Paul, A Prisoner of Christ... Sailing to Rome Through Tempest Storms,layout_details]
08/14    TCSLINKTONEWS[126185,Paul, A Prisoner of Christ... Provoking a Near Riot in Ephesus,layout_details]
07/31    TCSLINKTONEWS[125644,Paul, A Prisoner of Christ... Confronting the Idols of Athens,layout_details]
07/24    TCSLINKTONEWS[125061,Paul, A Prisoner of Christ... An Uproar in Thessalonica & Beroea,layout_details]
07/17    TCSLINKTONEWS[125642,Paul, A Prisoner of Christ... Disturbing the Peace in Phillipi,layout_details]
07/10    TCSLINKTONEWS[124723,Paul, A Prisoner of Christ... Following a Vision to Macedonia,layout_details]
07/03    TCSLINKTONEWS[124501,Paul A Prisoner of Christ... Preparing to Go,layout_details]
06/26    TCSLINKTONEWS[124282,A Sight to Take Your Breath Away... A Throng at the Throne,layout_details]
06/19    TCSLINKTONEWS[123903,A Sight to Take Your Breath Away... A Sinner Forgiven,layout_details]
06/12    TCSLINKTONEWS[123608,A Sight to Take Your Breath Away... A Mass Baptism,layout_details]
06/05    TCSLINKTONEWS[123201,A Sight to Take Your Breath Away... A Killer Converted,layout_details]
05/29    TCSLINKTONEWS[122982,A Sight to Take Your Breath Away... A Net Full of Fish,layout_details]
05/22    TCSLINKTONEWS[122933,An Abundance of Generosity & Gratitude,layout_details]
05/15    TCSLINKTONEWS[122887,Enjoying the Favor of God's People,layout_details]
05/08    TCSLINKTONEWS[122020,A Sight to Take Your Breath Away... A Newborn Baby,layout_details]
05/01    TCSLINKTONEWS[121640,Truths for Life... To Do the Greatest Commandment,layout_details]
04/24    TCSLINKTONEWS[121305,Truths for Life... To Do Generosity,layout_details]
04/17    TCSLINKTONEWS[120976,Truths for Life... To Do Forgiveness,layout_details]
04/10    TCSLINKTONEWS[120591,Truths for Life... To Do Justice, Love Kindness, and Walk Humbly,layout_details]
04/03    TCSLINKTONEWS[120242,Truths for Life... To Do Unto Others,layout_details]
03/27    TCSLINKTONEWS[119946,Watching him Live... Mary Magdalene,layout_details]
03/20    TCSLINKTONEWS[119694,Watching Him Die… Four Soldiers,layout_details]
03/13    TCSLINKTONEWS[119365,Watching Him Die… Two Thieves,layout_details]
03/06    TCSLINKTONEWS[119007,Watching Him Die… Mary,layout_details]
02/28    TCSLINKTONEWS[118649,Watching Him Die… The Beloved Disciple,layout_details]
02/21    TCSLINKTONEWS[118337,Watching Him Die… Joseph of Arimathea,layout_details]
02/14    TCSLINKTONEWS[118129,Watching Him Die… Judas Iscariot,layout_details]
02/07    TCSLINKTONEWS[117840,A Church Where Jesus Makes All Things New,layout_details]
01/31    TCSLINKTONEWS[117514,A Church Where a Front Porch Has Been Built,layout_details]
01/24    TCSLINKTONEWS[117253,A Church Where Intergenerational Relationships Thrive,layout_details]
 01/17    TCSLINKTONEWS[116828,A Church Where Servants Rise Up,layout_details]
 01/10    TCSLINKTONEWS[116702,A Church Where Leaders Stay Healthy,layout_details]
12/27   TCSLINKTONEWS[116097,A Church Where Children and Youth Love to Come,layout_details]
12/24   TCSLINKTONEWS[116096,From Scrooge to Ebenezer,layout_details]
12/20   TCSLINKTONEWS[116085,A Christmas Story,layout_details]
12/13   TCSLINKTONEWS[115653,The Ghost of Christmas Future,layout_details]
12/06   TCSLINKTONEWS[115229,The Ghost of Christmas Present,layout_details]
11/29   TCSLINKTONEWS[114941,The Ghost of Christmas Past,layout_details]
11/22   TCSLINKTONEWS[114601,Reclaiming a Treasure Trove of Hymns (Part 4),layout_details]
11/15   TCSLINKTONEWS[114324,Reclaiming a Treasure Trove of Hymns (Part 3),layout_details]
11/8   TCSLINKTONEWS[114050,Reclaiming a Treasure Trove of Hymns (Part 2),layout_details]
11/1   TCSLINKTONEWS[113697,Reclaiming a Treasure Trove of Hymns (Part 1),layout_details]
10/25   TCSLINKTONEWS[113366,Grit, Grace, & Gratitude (Part 2),layout_details]
10/18   TCSLINKTONEWS[113127,Grit, Grace, & Gratitude (Part 1),layout_details]
10/11   Sermon Not Available (Combined Service)
10/4   TCSLINKTONEWS[112490,Come to the Table (Part 2),layout_details]
9/27   TCSLINKTONEWS[112171,Come to the Table (Part 1),layout_details]
9/20   TCSLINKTONEWS[111897,Come to the Water (Part 3),layout_details]
9/13   TCSLINKTONEWS[111506,Come to the Water (Part 2),layout_details]
9/6   TCSLINKTONEWS[111282,Come to the Water (Part 1),layout_details]
8/30   TCSLINKTONEWS[110950,Church, Take Your Marks: Ready, Set, Go,layout_details]
8/23   Not available due to technical difficulties
8/16   TCSLINKTONEWS[110652,Church, Take Your Marks: Ready, Set, Go,layout_details]
8/9   TCSLINKTONEWS[110009,Living as the Beloved...Connecting with the Outside World,layout_details]
8/2   TCSLINKTONEWS[109631,Living as the Beloved...Giving Ourselves to Others (Part 2),layout_details]
7/26   TCSLINKTONEWS[109347,Living as the Beloved...Giving Ourselves to Others (Part 1),layout_details]
7/19   TCSLINKTONEWS[109110,Living as the Beloved...Sharing Our Brokenness (Part 2),layout_details]
7/12   TCSLINKTONEWS[108803,Living as the Beloved...Sharing Our Brokenness (Part 1),layout_details]
7/5   TCSLINKTONEWS[108934,Living as the Beloved - Imparting a Blessing (Part 2),NEW_layout_details]