Adult Small Groups

as of November 1, 2011

A number of small study groups are available in a variety of formats, age groups and time frames.


This Bethel small group has been running under the leadership of Marcia Selleck for the past year. It's a group for the never-marrieds or single-agains at any age who have fun putting perspective on being single in today’s world.

They meet weekly on Mondays at the church in Room 4 and engage in Bible studies and related books. They are presently looking at the letters Paul wrote from prison.  They also plan social outings to things like Clippers games, Shakespeare in the Park, nature reserve hikes, and the movies. Contact Marcia at either or 419-467-0669.


Pastor Miran Lee is starting a multi-cultural experience small group that will meet in her house with a supper at 6:00 p.m. beginning on Saturday, October 29. It will be a fantastic opportunity to enrich your own life by sharing personal stories with people of a different nationality.

The small group will meet every other Saturday night for at least four sessions. The group will then decide whether it will continue on its own with its own leadership, while another new multi-cultural group starts with Pastor Miran. Contact her at or 614-390-6333.


This new brown-bag breakfast group will be meeting with Pastor Mike in room 4 at the church every Wednesday    morning at 8:00.  The first group will begin on November 2.

Pastor Mike will lead the group through a brief Bible study of the passage from which his Sunday message will be taken. He will then solicit discussion to generate ideas and illustrations that he may be able to incorporate into his sermon. This will enhance Pastor Mike’s efforts to make his sermons as meaning and as relevant to the needs of our   people as possible. Stop by and pick up something at McDonald’s (or somewhere else) and make “Wednesday Mornings with the Pastor” a mid-week renewal time.



Start your New Year off on strong spiritual footing by joining Dan Belville in January with this in-depth Disciple I Bible Study. This renown 32-week study which began in 1986 gives equal  attention to both the Old and New Testaments, with particular focus on the books of Genesis, Exodus, Luke, and Acts. Many within Bethel have already taken at least one of the Disciple   Bible series of four and will give it rave reviews. Contact Dan for a more full, passionate explanation at or at 614-457-5856.



This brand-new small group will be starting in November and will lead by Peg Grice. Having become an international church at Bethel, there is a deep desire for the opportunities to get to know each other better. Here is just such an opportunity!

This home-based group will be looking for 6-8 diverse individuals who would choose to participate in just such a venture. It plans to be a short-term (5 week) interaction group with no book and no homework, although it will follow a diversity  format to which Peg was trained. The group will likely meet in some combination of Monday and/or Tuesday evenings, determined by the group itself. If you’re interested, contact Peg right away at 614-451-3436 or at (please use “New Group” on the subject line).


Other short-term or one-Sunday inter-generational classes are offered on Sunday mornings occasionally during the year. Watch our weekly Church Bulletin or web site for more details.

The "Over 50" Group meets the third Friday evening each month to go out to dinner and then return to the church at 7 p.m. for cards.

Young Adults meet for social events at various times throughout the year.

Special interest programs are offered periodically throughout the year.

Please check the church bulletins and newsletter for details about these events.

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