Spike Club

Strengthen Our Organization and Reap the Rewards

Recruiting and retaining members for the BIA comes with its own rewards and recognition. The Spike program enables existing members to:

  • Enjoy the prestige of their distinguished Spike status
  • Increase their business contacts and networking opportunities
  • Gain visibility and recognition among their industry peers
  • Earn exclusive awards such as lapel pins, plaques, jackets and sweaters

To learn more about the Spike Club program, please click here to visit the NAHB website.

The BIA of Central Ohio thanks its Spike members for sharing their talent, hard work, perseverance and generosity that make them such extraordinary recruiters and that allow our Association to grow and thrive.

Statesman | 500 to 999 credits

David Wickline - 594.50

Super Spike | 250 to 499 credits

Bill Fannin-287.00

Vince Ghiloni-433.00

Royal Spikes | 150 to 249 credits

Larry Bellman-213.50

Jay Crank-215.50

Michael Dove-159.00

Robin Hand-204.50

Adam Lewin-233.50

Ann Misiolek-187.00

Natalie Moore-169.75

Robert Seaton-155.50


Red Spikes | 100 to 149 credits

Kevin Knight-133.00

Gary McNutt-135.50

Wess Miller-121.50

Charles J Ruma-110.00

Fritz Smith-105.00

Page Vornbrock-111.00

Pamela Yost-120.00

Green Spikes | 50 to 99 credits

Mark Braunsdorf-63.50

Don Cary-74.00

William Clarkin-80.00

Henry DiYanni-86.50

Charles Driscoll-59.00

Gary Dunn-68.50

Bob Gardner-64.75

Cheryl Garrett-84.50

Jason Goldberg-68.00

Scott Green-52.00

Susan Hopp-65.00

Vincent Kollar-87.50

Jeffrey Lamp-69.50

Ronald Landis-67.00

Joyce Logan-68.25

Jim Mitchell-53.00

Daniel O'Brien-58.50

William Owens-72.50

Gary Schottenstein-68.50

Scott Shively-53.00

Craig Tuckerman-64.00

William Westbrook-74.00

Brian Wiland-64.50

Robert Yoakam-67.25

Life Spikes | 25 to 49 credits

Craig Bohning-46.75

Dave Brown-32.50

Barry Cassell-41.00

Mark DelCol-35.00

Tim Henson-31.25

William Reynolds-39.50

Mac Roberts-24.50

Tony Romanelli-36.50

Charles Ruma-44.50

Howard Schottenstein-30.00

Robert Schottenstein-26.50

Sam Stark-30.50

Merle Stutzman-32.50

Steve Turner-49.00

James Watkins-34.00

Robert Webb-31.50

Brad Yates-39.50

Zenios Michael Zenios-46.00

Blue Spikes | 6 to 24 credits

Joy Adkins-6.50

Russell Armstrong-20.00

Edward Bacome-11.50

Bart Baroke-13.25

Erin Barritt-6.00

Ed Belair-7.00

Nilay Bhatt-12.50

William Bishop-14.00

Danny Brown-13.50

Bruce Burkholder-9.00

Matt Callahan-9.00

Rich Colley-19.50

Kenneth Danter-6.00

David Dewey-6.00

Mo Dioun-6.00

Steven Dunn-6.50

Collette Gallagher-6.00

Chryssa Gartner-8.50

Marc Gliatas-23.50

Mark Grubb-8.50

Tina Guegold-7.50

David Haid-16.00

Heather Hall-9.00

Randall Hall-7.50

Thomas Hart-7.00

William Helser-7.00

Eric Hibner-7.50

Steve Holcomb-15.00

Rick Hoover-6.50

Jon Jasper-18.00

Brian Jimenez-13.00

Hans Jurawitz-8.00

Thomas Klacik-6.25

Gary Klemek-22.00

Tom Lasik-9.50

Gary Libertini-18.50

Mark Lomax-6.00

Michael Mahon-7.00

Debra Mathias-6.00

Joseph Mathias-10.00

Jack Mautino-13.50

Todd Maxey-22.50

Patrick McQuade-13.75

Davyd Miller-13.25

Steve Miller-15.50

Jim Ohlin-7.50

Geoff Ortlip-9.00

Nanette Overly-7.00

Sue Parrish-21.50

Carlyle Perry-8.50

Chris Phelps-7.00

Jim Phieffer-9.00

Ralph Renninger-7.50

Joel Rhoades-11.00

Vincent Romanelli-10.50

John Roy-13.50

Steve Scherer-14.50

Eric Schottenstein-6.00

Steve Sevell-11.00

Dave Shaver-7.00

Jarrett Shiring-6.00

Joe Silvestri-10.00

Christine Stouffer-6.25

Llewellyn Teale-6.00

Mark Toot-9.00

Theodore Uritus-6.50

Mark Wagenbrenner-8.00

Jerry White-17.25

David E Wickline-6.50

Byron Woerner-14.00

James Wright-9.00



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