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Central Ohio Chapter CAI ... Call for Nominations

Good morning, everyone:

As you know, the Chapter’s annual meeting is January 10, 2019.  At the meeting, we will be voting for a new Board member.  The Board has seven members, but only one Board member’s term is expiring.  Under the Chapter Bylaws, the Board cannot have more than three members from any specific membership category.  Since the Board currently has three manager members none of their terms are expiring, manager members are not eligible to run for the Board this year.  Accordingly, this year’s candidate pool only includes business partner representatives and volunteer leaders. 

If you are a business partner representative or volunteer leader interested in running for the Board, please complete the 2019 Board of Directors Nomination Form.  The only qualification is that you must be a member in good standing from one of these categories. Deadline for applications is 5 pm on Friday, December 21.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or by phone at (614) 228-0207.

Best regards,


Nick Barnes, Nominating Committee Chair
Central Ohio Chapter of CAI

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