Infection Prevention

CASA's 13th Annual Infection Prevention Seminar will take be held virtually.

Thursday, November 5 – Infection Prevention 101

  • Developing an IP Plan and Risk Assessment
  • Instrument Processing 100
  • Emerging IP Concerns- What we’ve learned in 2020 and the Pandemic Response
  • Incorporating ASC Surveillance into your ASC Operations

Thursday, November 12 – Infection Prevention 201

  • Appropriate Steps and Investigation when an infection is reported
  • Instrument Processing 200
  • Responsibility of reporting common diseases
  • The Healthcare worker in the ASC

Thursday, November 19 – Infection Prevention for the GI specialty

  • Endoscope associated infections
  • Proper Scope handling and processing
  • Special IP concerns in the GI specialty

Make sure you are meeting all the components of the CMS Infection Control oversight.
Hear what the CA Department of Public Health Surveyors are saying.


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