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Dear Community College Interest Group Members,

We had a productive meeting in Minneapolis with some great ideas produced for next year's convention in Milwaukee.  Our Secretary, Tammie Wiebers was so kind to send this to me and I'm forwarding it to you in advance of the formal call for papers/panels that will go out very soon. 

The theme for next year's convention is "DIFFERENCE" and there is an additional focus on the connection between "town and gown."  Please look at our ideas generated (below) and I encourage you to ponder the theme to develop your next great panel/paper proposals! I will always be glad to help coordinate efforts and get people in touch with each other.

Keep an eye out for the formal call for papers and panels as well as the deadlines associated with that.

Hope all is well as you are rounding third base and heading into the home stretch of the semester.

Allison Beltramini

Chair, Community College Interest Group


DIFFERENCE Brainstorming ideas –

  • Difficult conversations w/in the Community College (David Bodary)

o   Students

o   HLC/colleges/faculty/financial/deans

  • Community Colleges then & now (difference) Kendra B

o   Time capsules, EX: meat cutting degree

  • Making a DIFFERENCE – Tammie Wiebers

o   Criminal Justice students (w/in institutions

o   We go to business

o   Veterans

o   Dual credit

o   Non-traditional

  • Linguistic ideas (generational differences)  - Kendra B
  • Socio-economic divisions, etc – rather than what divides us, what is the difference that brings us together Bridging Differences. (Julie Weishar)
  • GIFT style theme – Privileged idea & everyone in this panel shares their experience of what happened b/c of this idea. (David Bodary & David Wendt)
  • Select a topic that makes a DIFFERENCE (Tammie Wiebers)

o   Kendra (A topic; B topic; C topic)

o   Julie (Existence of God in 5 minutes)

o   Ashley Vasquez (All topics are acceptable per legal)

  • Different teaching styles and different learning styles (Kendra)
  • Difference is teaching styles – modes of delivers (Ed Schwarz)

o   Hybrid in the format and how you cover it

o   Wrong students signing up for the on-line class – most apprehensive (David from Omaha)

  • Difference in the future –

o   Online classes

o   Options of coming to campus to deliver classes

  • Perception of the teaching profession

o   Students who question the textbook

o   Fake news

o   Dismissing years of work

o   Adjuncts (Ashley Vasquez wants to be on this panel)

  • Teaching Critical thinking

o   What strategies are we using?

Allison Beltramini Associate Professor, Communication

Waubonsee Community College
Bodie Hall - 202
Rt. 47 @ Waubonsee Drive
Sugar Grove, IL 60554

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