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CSCA - Undergraduate Education & Administration Section

Happy Spring and End-of-the-School-Year!

CSCA now has a section for Undergraduate Education & Administration. This section is open to ALL CSCA members, even if you are part of three interest groups. Please consider being a part of the section and submitting papers or panels to this group.

The purpose of the UE&A is “to promote collaboration and highlight the efforts of teachers, scholars, and administrators interested in academic institutions serving students at the undergraduate level.  The goal of the UE&A is to develop a strong network among its members to engage on topics related to curriculum/programming, pedagogy, scholarly relationships, and academic organizations within an undergraduate-focused disciplinary program related to Communication.” (UA&E Bylaws, 2016).

The purpose includes nearly all of the members of CSCA in some way or another.

Please CLICK HERE for the call for the 2018 conference in Milwaukee. We hope you will join us for something DIFFERENT with this group!

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions, questions, or ideas. I look forward to seeing you all in Milwaukee!

Christine North

Ohio Northern University
525 S. Main St.
Ada, OH 45810

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