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CSCA 2018 Convention - Pre-Conference ... Beyond Academia: Translating Communication Research for Public Audiences and Social Change

Dear CSCA Members,  

When you are registering for this year’s conference, consider coming in on Wednesday afternoon for this year’s pre-conference.  We have an exciting panel of scholars who will talk about how to take the work we do and get it out to other audiences to widen the impact of our work.   

Hope to see you on Wednesday in Milwaukee!

Chad McBride
2nd Vice President 

Beyond Academia: Translating Communication Research for
Public Audiences and Social Change 

Scholars in the Central States Communication Association and the Communication Studies discipline have a strong record of scholarship with the potential to contribute to discourses in the popular media, to make positive change in our communities, and to help the lives of people in different contexts.  While our textbooks and classrooms are a place where this scholarship is translated for students, the goal of this preconference is to think about ways that we can translate our scholarship more audiences reaching beyond our campuses and academic conversations. The panelists invited to participate have had success with either getting their work into popular media and/or using their communication scholarship for social change.  We will learn from their strategies and use the time to brainstorm additional ways that we can take our work into these different contexts. 

Betsy Bach, University of Montana
Lawrence R. Frey, University of Colorado Boulder
Amanda Holman, Creighton University
Sandra G. Petronio, Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis
Stacy Tye-Williams, Iowa State University 

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