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CSCA 2023 Convention - Basic Course Interest Group ... Call for Papers and Panels


Call for Papers and Panels

Central States Communication Association (CSCA)

Annual Convention-St. Louis, Missouri

March 29-April 2 2023

Intersections, Transitions, and Silenced Voices

The Basic Course Interest Group invites the submission of competitive papers, panels, roundtable discussions, and innovative programming for the 2023 CSCA convention in St. Louis, Missouri. The purpose of the Basic Course Interest Group is to support research and facilitate discussion of issues related to the pedagogy and administration of the introductory communication courses. The Basic Course Interest group is seeking proposals that explore the conference theme of Intersections, Transitions, and Silenced Voices. Topics encompassing the conference theme of Intersections, Transitions, and Silenced Voices are welcome, and we especially encourage members to address issues related to this theme.

How can the basic course forge new, more inclusive paths to expansive horizons in thought, creativity, expression, and scholarship? How can we apply Intersections, Transitions, and Silenced Voices with the broader communication discipline? How can we illuminate Intersections, Transitions, and Silenced Voices with scholars to seek new directions and understandings of the basic course? Although we are especially interested in submissions that connect to the conference theme, the interest group welcomes submissions that address any aspect of the introductory course. In terms of panels, preference will be given to those with panelists representing multiple institutions rather than representing a single institution. You may also wish to address panelists’ expertise.

The Basic Course Division will accept the following submission types:

(1)    Paper

(2)    Paper Session

(3)    Panel Discussion

(4)    Assessment Tools & Techniques

Papers: Only completed papers will be accepted. All papers must include a title and a brief abstract. Graduate students should type “STUDENT” on the upper right-hand corner of the title page. If the paper will be a graduate student debut, please type “DEBUT STUDENT” on the upper right- hand corner of the title page. To be considered a graduate student debut paper, (1) the author must be a graduate student, (2) the paper must have single authorship, and (3) the paper must be the author’s first paper to be presented at CSCA. Indicate if author(s) are CSCA members. Author names and any identifying information must be removed prior to submission.

Paper Session: Consist of a group of presenters with (3-5) paper presentations centered on a common theme. Submissions should include an overall session title, session description (75 words), and a rationale statement (250 words or less) as well as author name(s), affiliation, paper title and abstract for each paper.

 Panels: Panels should consist of a group of panelists discussing a specific topic. Audience discussion and participation are strongly encouraged. Following the guidelines from the CSCA website, panel discussions should include an overall panel title, a rationale statement, and a panel description for the online convention program. Submitted panels should include a chair and each presenter’s name and affiliation. A single file should be provided that notes the specific contribution or perspective of each presenter. 

Assessment Tools & Techniques:  The Basic Course Interest Group would like to provide a G. I. F. T. S. style session of Assessment Activities and ideas. Submissions for this session should include a title, description (not to exceed 100 words), brief rationale and description of the assessment tool or technique (not to exceed 1000 words). 


The Basic Course Interest Group generally offers two awards at each conference: The Douglas M. Trank Award for the top competitive paper, and the Melissa Beall Award for the top competitive panel. The teams honored with each of these awards will receive their award during the business meeting. 

All technology requests must be made at the time of submission.

Submissions must be received by 11:59 PM, CDT, October 7, 2022

Send submissions electronically through our online system via the CSCA website.

If you have questions please contact interest group program planner, Joy Daggs at

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