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CSCA 2023 Convention - Instructional Resources Interest Group ... Call for Papers and Panels

Dear Instructional Resources Interest Group Members,

Below, please find the call for submissions to the Instructional Resources Division of CSCA for the 2023 convention in St. Louis. We have an exciting and important theme for this year’s convention, “Intersections, Transitions, and Silenced Voices.”  Unfortunately, in instructional resources, voices get silenced all the time and marginalized groups do not get to tell their story. Let’s celebrate these marginalized voices!

While certainly any paper or panel with instructional resources as its focus will be considered, let’s collaborate on some great sessions to honor this year’s convention theme. In the call below you will see some general ideas for panel or paper topics and any one of those could also focus on the convention theme. But we are open to other ideas and creative ways to highlight instructional resources.

If you would like to discuss potential ideas, email me. I can help flesh ideas out, or pair you up with others to help build a proposal.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s proposals!

All the best,

Diana Tucker
Western Governors University
Vice-Chair Instructional Resources Interest Group for the 2023 CSCA Convention

Plesae CLICK HERE to review the Call for Submissions

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