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CSCA 2023 Convention - ERICC Reminder ... Call for Papers and Panels

Hello ERICC members:

A few weeks ago, you received the ERICC call for CSCA 2023. I hope that you are already busy at work preparing to submit panels and papers related to ethnicity, race, international, and class concerns. 

If you are looking to collaborate with ERICC friends and colleagues, we have a shared working document of potential panel ideas. If interested, go to this link and make notes about where you would like to contribute, be a panelist, organize a panel, etc. The original call is at the bottom of the document. 

Please note that these panels all have to be submitted and go through the review process, as discussed in the call. The deadline for submissions is Oct. 7, 2022.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. See you in St. Louis!

Take Care,

Amy Aldridge Sanford
ERICC Chair and Program Planner 

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