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CSCA - 2013 Conference Reminders - Communication Theory IG & Popular Culture IG

Greetings, fellow CSCA-ers!

I hope the semester has started well for all of you that are teaching.  For those that are not in the classroom, I hope your work is going well.  Speaking of work, it is time to get those submissions together and sent out.  I contact you today as the planner for both the Communication Theory Interest Group and the Popular Culture Interest Group.  Both of them are looking for your papers, panel discussions, or other submissions.  Look over both of the calls at  After you have done that, review the rules for submission, and send them on their way.  

For the Communication Theory Interest Group, submit your documents to:  For the inaugural Popular Culture Interest Group, submit your documents to  Please do not hesitate to send questions, concerns, etc. to those email addresses as well.

Remember - the deadline is fast approaching.  I hope to hear from you soon!

All the best -

Adam Tyma (
Planner, Communication Theory Interest Group
Planner, Popular Culture Interest Group