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CSCA - 2013 Conference Reminders - Organizational and Professional Communication Division Members

Organizational and Professional Communication Division Members,

Hello! I hope that your fall semester is going well. This is just a quick reminder to let you know that our October 5, 2012 deadline for submissions to the 2013 Central States Convention is quickly approaching! (Just under two weeks! Where did the semester go?!). Please see the call below.

Further, at our business meeting, we requested the names and email addresses of those who might want to review papers, serve as panel chairs, or serve as panel respondents in Kansas City. If you weren’t able to make our meeting, but would like to do one of those things, please send me an email with your contact information and interests in the next month or two.

Thanks! Please contact me with any questions/ideas/concerns.


Sarah Steimel

INTEREST GROUP               

Central States Communication Association in Kansas City, MO April 2 - April 7, 2013

“Communicating the Possible”

The Organizational and Professional Communication Interest group welcomes submissions of papers and panel proposals for the 2013 CSCA Conference. Any topic related to organizational and professional communication is welcomed; however, we encourage submissions that focus on the convention theme, “Communicating the Possible.”  The theme of Communicating the Possible invites members to submit papers and panels that focus on transformative communication. As part of thistheme, submissions that explore the capacity for emotion, creativity, compassion, hope, forgiveness, resilience, and transcendence in regards to communication are encouraged. For example, scholars might focus on spirituality in organizational/professional settings, communication and positive organizational processes/outcomes, forgiveness/apologies, empowerment, hope, health/wellness and many other “transformative” possibilities.  Our division also has an interest in practical theory, including questions like: "What are ways that we can leverage engaged scholarship with local community organizations in transformative ways?" and “Are we doing enough to explore the possibilities for organizational and professional communication in and around our communities? “ We also encourage panel ideas that bridge interest groups/disciplines in ways that open up possibilities for transformative research and practices.

The division is interested in celebrating our strong scholarship and suggesting new directions/outlets for our scholarship and teaching. As a result, we encourage competitive paper submissions from new and established scholars as well as students. Planners are interested in all types of formats including: traditional panels, roundtable discussions, and working research sessions. We are especially interested in interactive formats such as performances or debates that draw the audience into conversation about organizational communication and the possible.

 Guidelines for Submission:

1. Please note the following directions for paper and panel proposals:

     Competitive Papers must conform to APA standards.  No identifying information should be included in the body of the paper. Papers must be submitted electronically in Word Format 2003. In the text of the e-mail submission, please include title page information to include:  the title, institutional affiliation(s) and address(es) of author(s), phone/fax numbers, and e-mail address(es). Indicate if author(s) is/are CSCA members. Papers authored by individuals who have not presented at a conference should indicate this in the e-mail. Papers authored by students should note this in the e-mail. The interest group will give awards (certificates or plaques) to the "Top Paper" and the "Top Student Paper."

     Panel proposals need: a) a title, b) a rationale statement and description of the program, c) name of person responsible for the program, d) as well as names, institutional affiliations, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of each panel participant, and e) a 200 word abstract for each paper or explanation of each participant’s purpose/perspective. Indicate ifparticipants are CSCA members. Panels must be submitted electronically in Word 2003 and use the “Panel Proposal Form” that can found on the CSCA website.  

2. As the availability of AV equipment is limited, all requests for AV equipment must be included with paper and panel submissions.

3. Submit all papers and panel proposals as a MICROSOFT WORD 2003. If it is a panel proposal, be sure to use the 2013 CSCA Panel Proposal Request Form. DEADLINE FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS IS Friday October 5, 2012.

Send your submissions to: Sarah Steimel at 

4. If you have questions about this call, please contact Sarah Steimel at 801-626-6535or