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CSCA 2013 Convention - Communication Theory Interest Group Reminders

Hello one and all!

I know that you have been receiving these emails for the past week or two, and I appreciate you taking a few moments to read this before you hit "delete."  Thank you for your continued support the Communication Theory Interest Group here at CSCA.  As you know, we are approximately two months away from CSCA 13.  This year, we have a strong and diverse set of papers, panels, and discussions for you to attend, take part in, and enjoy.  Though there are many panels for you to consider, here are a few worth checking out:

930-1045        Student Spotlight Panel        Salon 4 (Hoover)

1100-1215        Top Paper Panel                Salon 7 (Roosevelt)
230-345            Business Meeting              Salon 7 (Roosevelt)

200-315            Making a Difference through Communication Theory
                         (Top Rated Panel)              Yardbird A

If you have not registered for the conference, here is where you do it:  Planning to stay at the hotel?:  

I look forward to seeing you all there.  This is going to a fantastic CSCA!!

Also, if you would like to have "backchannel conversations" during the conference, why not #CSCACTIG or #CSCA13 on Twitter?

All the best - Adam.    
Adam W. Tyma, PhD
Interest Group Planner, #CSCA13