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CSCA - Interpersonal and Small Group Communication Bylaws

Dear Interpersonal and Small Group Communication Interest Group members,
Some proposed bylaws changes have been reviewed by the interest group officers (Jimmie Manning, Chair; Maria Brann, Vice-Chair; and Haley Horstman Kranstuber, Secretary) and are now being passed along to you to be considered. We will vote on whether or not to accept these proposed bylaw changes at the upcoming business group meeting on Friday, April 5 in Truman A at 11:00 a.m.
The four documents below help to illustrate the proposed changes. The first document "A - Current Bylaws" is the bylaws currently on file with the CSCA office and published to the website. The second document "B - Proposed Changes" includes all proposed amendments. The text in blue is what is proposed to be added; any text with strikethrough is proposed to be deleted. The third document "C - Rationale" includes a color-coded rationale for each of the proposed changes. Finally, the fourth document "D - Revised Bylaws" represents how the bylaws would appear if all changes were accepted at the upcoming meeting.

If you have any questions about these proposed changes in advance of our business meeting, please contact me at I am happy to explain or clarify why any of the changes are being offered. Copies of the documents attached here will also be made available at the upcoming interest group business meeting for reference.
Thank you so much for reviewing this proposal, and I look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming conference!
Jimmie Manning
Chair, Interpersonal and Small Group Communication Interest Group