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CSCA 2014 - Instructional Resources Interest Group - Call for Papers


Call for Submissions 2014

Central States Communication Association Conference

Minneapolis, MN


April 2 - April 6, 2014

The Instructional Resources Interest Group welcomes submissions of papers and panel proposals for the 2014 CSCA Conference. Any topic related to instructional resources, including all forms of technology, assessment, and instructional ideas, is welcomed; however, we encourage submissions that focus on the convention theme: “ELEVATE!” More specifically to the theme, we invite submissions that address the many ways that we can elevate our research, teaching, and fellowship.  By pushing the boundaries of traditional inquiry, we can elevate our understanding of communication. By pushing the boundaries of traditional instruction, we can elevate our ability to educate others about communication.  Our interest group strongly encourages undergraduate and graduate student papers. A wide range of topics is welcomed, although some suggestions include:

  • elevating our classrooms beyond traditions to meet the new types of students, student needs, and technology lifestyles;
  • “going naked” = stripping down the classroom to innovated new ways of pedagogy and instruction;
  • addressing disconnect/issues/problems/solutions about relationships between instructional designers/instructors and publishers;
  • discussing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs);
  • implementation/elevation of e-textbooks and their meaning in the broader scope of instruction;
  • incorporation of transferable technology into existing instruction;
  • explorations of various instructional environments;
  • mentoring opportunities within classrooms;
  • involving secondary school teachers to help prepare students for college instruction;
  • transitioning students into workforce;
  • elevating instruction to levels that promote healthy and progressive learning for students of all backgrounds;
  • encouraging students to elevate their course involvement beyond assigned tasks to  actively engage them in own learning processes;
  • personalizing instruction and making larger classrooms feel more intimate;
  • finding innovative ways to make instructional communication seem more relevant for intradisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and public benefit;
  • and other topics related to instructional resources.

A variety of formats are also welcomed, including competitive paper panels, roundtable discussions, spotlight sessions, dialogue sessions, research café or breakfast nooks, senior/junior scholars, and research sessions. In anticipation of the conference theme, we strongly encourage (and enjoy!) the submission of panels that are co-sponsored with other CSCA units.

Awards: The Instructional Resources Interest Group presents two awards: top competitive paper award and top roundtable award. Each includes a certificate and a $50.00 prize.

Guidelines for Submissions:

Please note the following directions for paper and panel proposals:

Papers must conform to APA 6th edition standards and need a detachable title page that allows the author(s) identity/identities to be concealed. Remove all author references in the title of the document, text of the paper and in the file. Indicate if the author(s) is/are CSCA members.

  1. Remove authors identifying information from the document properties. 
    • For Microsoft Word (2003), click on “Properties” under the “File” menu and type over any author/company information in the document properties. 
    • For Word 2007, click on the “Office Button” in the upper-left corner of the window, select “Prepare,” then “Inspect Document” and make sure “Document Properties and Personal Information” is selected for inspection; complete removal. 
    • For Adobe Acrobat, select “Examine Document” in the “Document” menu, be sure “Metadata” is checked and then “Remove All Checked Items.”    
  2. For all software, re-save the file and confirm that the document properties have been updated to remove any author(s) information.
  3. Before finalizing your submission, preview to make sure all information is correct.

Panel Proposals need a title, a brief abstract, name of person responsible for the program, as well as names, institutional affiliations, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of each panel participant. Indicate if participants are CSCA members. NOTE: Panel proposals must adhere to the 2014 CSCA Panel Proposal Request Form (available at

Please have all papers submitted electronically. An e-mail acknowledging receipt of paper and panel proposals will be sent for each submission. Please make all media requests at the time of submission and only request media if it is essential to your presentation, as all requests will be closely examined before approval. Laptop computers will not be made available for presentations.

Submissions must be received by October 4, 2013.

Be sure to also check out CSCA’s facebook page! Go there and show your support!:

Send all submissions electronically to:

Daria S. Heinemann-LaFave
Wayne State University