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CSCA 2014 - Interpersonal & Small Group Communication Interest Group - Call for Papers Deadline October 4


Interpersonal & Small Group Communication Interest Group
April 1-April 6, 2014
Convention Theme: ELEVATE!
Minneapolis, MN

The Interpersonal & Small Group Communication Interest Group is requesting panel and paper submissions for the 2014 annual convention of the Central States Communication Association. The convention’s theme, ELEVATE!, invites the scholarly exploration of how we as communication scholars can elevate our discipline through our research, teaching, and service.
The 2014 convention will include spotlights on scholarship programs, short courses, workshops, roundtable discussions, debates, symposiums, open forums, community programs, and traditional panel formats. For additional information about the convention, please refer to the CSCA website at
To receive full consideration, all proposals (e.g., panel, roundtable discussions, debate) and completed papers must be received by October 4, 2013. You WILL receive e-mail confirmation of my receipt of your manuscript.
Interpersonal & Small Group Interest Group proposals and completed papers (not to exceed 25 pages including references, tables, etc.) should be submitted via e-mail to the 2014 Interest Group Chair (Maria Brann) at
Interpersonal & Small Group Communication Interest Group Submission Criteria
Submissions should:
(1) have ALL identifying information removed from the text and the properties
- right click on the file, go to properties, then to summary, delete author’s
name, click on apply
(2) be saved in either a Word document (.doc) or in Rich Text Format (.rtf)
(3) follow APA guidelines
Competitive Paper Submissions should include:
(1)   a separate file with the title page, including the title of the paper, author(s) affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address
(2)   mark "Debut" on the title page if the author has not presented previously at a regional or national convention, and mark “Student” on the title page if the author is an undergraduate or graduate student
(3)   if the paper is multi-authored, indicate who will be presenting at the convention on the title page
(4)   a separate file containing the manuscript, which should include the title and a one-paragraph abstract (~150 words) on the first page
Program/Panel Proposals should include:
(1)   a thematic title for the program
(2)   type of panel being proposed (e.g., roundtable discussion, spotlight, debate)
(3)   names of chair and respondents, if any
(4)   names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and
      institutional affiliation of all participants
(5)   title and abstracts for each paper or presentation (if applicable)
(6)   program copy (a 75-word description) that can be included in the final program
(7)   a detailed rationale for the program/panel

Equipment Requests: Equipment rental at conventions is VERY expensive, and CSCA has a limited budget. Please try to structure your presentations in such a way that equipment is not needed. If equipment is absolutely required, make your request at the time of the paper/panel submission (list on the title page and reiterate in your e-mail). Otherwise, your equipment request may not be accommodated.
Your submission implies that you agree to follow appropriate guidelines if your paper/panel is accepted (e.g., you will attend and present at the conference).
Have a great semester!
CSCA Interpersonal & Small Group Interest Group Chair
Maria Brann, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies
Affiliate Faculty, Injury Control Research Center
Faculty Associate, Center for Women's & Gender Studies
West Virginia University