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CSCA 2014- Graduate Student Caucus – Call for Submissions Deadline October 4

Although your term has just started, the deadline for submissions to CSCA is fast approaching, only 1 month away! If you have not already, Mark your Calendars for the October 4th, 2013 at 11:59PM CST deadline. Below, please find the call for submissions.

If you are putting together a panel discussion and need participants or are just looking for advice about submitting your paper please join us on our Facebook page. We will post updates about the conference and this a great space to network with other graduate students and work towards ELEVATING the discipline. (

Anyways, we are looking forward meeting you and we cannot wait for Minneapolis. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.

Tim McKenna-Buchanan, Chair Graduate Student Caucus
Sara Baker, Vice Chair Graduate Student Caucus
Jennifer Kienzle, Secretary Graduate Student Caucus


Graduate Student Caucus – Call for Submissions

Submission Deadline: Friday, October 4th, 2013 at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time

The Graduate Student Caucus invites all graduate student members of CSCA to submit competitive papers, programs, and interactive panels to be considered for programming at the 2014 CSCA conference to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our interest group focuses on celebrating graduate student work and providing development opportunities in relation to teaching, service, and scholarship. This year we especially encourage graduate students to embrace the convention theme, Elevate!By pushing the boundaries of traditional inquiry, we can elevate our understanding of communication. 

We welcome a variety of formats, including competitive graduate student papers, collaborative graduate student roundtable discussions, and spotlight sessions. To re-emphasize the spirit of elevating our understanding of communication, we also invite you to contact us if you have an idea that elevates these formats while also benefiting our graduate student members. Possible topics for papers and panels include: scholarship that is elevating our boundaries; pushing the limits of our research; elevating our role as teachers; fostering a better understanding of the publication process; how to elevate yourself on the job market; social media as a means to elevate our scholarship/discipline; and elevating the graduate student toolbox. The list does not stop here, though, because we hope you will elevate the conference submission in your own creative ways. 

Quality scholarship and creative ideas are our main goal. In an effort to encourage collaboration among graduate students, we have developed a Facebook page to create space for brainstorming, planning, and networking. Please visit, join, and participate in the conversations about the upcoming convention at:

General Submission Information:

In order to avoid unnecessary problems with the submission and review process, please carefully follow the guidelines:

  1. All papers must be submitted electronically using Microsoft Word. Documents sent using any other format will be returned to the sender. An e-mail acknowledging receipt of paper or panel will be sent for each submission.
  2. Completed papers, extended abstracts, and panel discussions must be submitted electronically to
  3. Your submission implies that you agree to follow appropriate presentation guidelines if your paper/panel is accepted (i.e., it is generally unacceptable to not attend the conference or to read your paper to those in attendance). We look forward to engaging presenters, topics, and discussions. 
  4. Each submission should be made to only one unit.

Guidelines for completed individual papers and extended abstracts

  1. Manuscript format:
  2. Complete papers should be a maximum of 25 pages double-spaced with 12 pt. font. This excludes title page, references, figures, and tables.
  3. Extended abstracts should be between 5 and 12 pages double-spaced with 12 pt. font. This excludes title page, references, figures, and tables.
  4.  Please use APA format for referencing.
    1. Before submitting your submission, please include a title paper that is a separate document from the paper, allowing author identity to be concealed. On the title page, indicate the CSCA membership status of author(s) and clearly identify whether your paper is an extended abstract submission.
    2. All submissions to the Graduate Student Caucus may not be co-authored with faculty mentors/advisors and should be current graduate students.

Guidelines for Panel Discussion Submissions

  1. A panel submission is a format that engages a group of panelists in a formal interactive discussion about a topic related to the graduate student caucus.
  2.  Panel session submissions are not blind reviewed. The reviewers will see the names of the presenters, participants and organizers. These sessions are reviewed based on overall quality, interest to the caucus, relevance of the topic to the theme, innovativeness, and overall contribution.
  3. Individuals proposing discussion panels must complete and use the 2014 CSCA Panel Proposal Request Form available on the CSCA website.
    • Panel submissions must also include the following: (a) title, (b) description/rationale (no more than 1 page), (c) a complete list of participants along with their institutional affiliations, contact information (address, e-mail, and telephone), and if they are CSCA members. For panel proposals, we strongly recommend collaboration with graduate students from multiple institutions.

Awards: The Graduate Student Caucus presents certificates to the top (3) competitive graduate student papers and the top graduate student panel at the annual Business Meeting. The top paper and panel will earn a $50 award.

Submissions must be received by Friday, October 4th, 2013 at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time. Send all submissions electronically to: