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CSCA 2014 - SOGI & Women's Caucus Conference Session

Elevating Sex, Gender, & Sexuality with Innovative Curriculum & Classroom Activities

For this year's CSCA Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN, Melanie Mills and I would like to propose a G.I.F.T.-like session for faculty who cover concepts and issues dealing with sex, gender, and sexuality in their classes.  We would like to create a space to share projects and activities from an array of different WGS/WGS-friendly courses as well as Communication courses that embody feminist scholarship and address sex, gender, and sexuality.  Examples could range from long-term projects that create community connections, service learning opportunities, or action research, to short in-class activities that illustrate sex, gender, and sexuality concepts. We are asking that each potential panel member bring at least one handout with a tried and true activity or project that we can take back to our respective classrooms. Please contact me by September 26th with a short description of your teaching idea and its title if you are interested in participating on this proposed panel. This allows us one week to write up the panel prospectus before the October 4th deadline.


Heather Nesemeier