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FROM: Nancy J. Brule – Executive Director

Thanks so much for taking time to look at the program! Our eyes can’t catch everything and you know how to spell your name better than we do!! We will be making corrections to the program as we learn of them. However – to accomplish this in an efficient manner – please follow the guidelines:

1)     Do NOT hit reply to the e-bulletin you received announcing posting of the program. If you have a correction that you see in the 1st Draft of the program please email your request for corrections to

2)     1st VP Leah Bryant has put the program together and will be making changes to it that pertain to editing errors or spellings, etc. She has done the best she can with scheduling – but for those of you who are on a lot of panels – you may have some that compete in a time slot. It is difficult with multiple panel presenters to arrange everything and we do our best; timeslots right now are not able to be changed without upsetting the whole program. If we move one panel – it means another panel gets moved and then another and another – well…it is worse than a rubric cube!

3)     We will post another updated draft at the end of next week with all of the edits we have received entered; please check that one again to be sure we have made the changes.

4)     FINALLY: one more time –

Send all corrections to the program to
1st VP Leah Bryant