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CSCA 2014 - Communication Theory Interest Group Members ByLaws Review

To the Communication Theory Interest Group Members of CSCA:

The CSCA Executive Committee has asked us to create, discuss, and approve bylaws for the CTIG. As incoming Chair, I was tasked with the responsibility of writing the first draft, which is attached to this email.

Your input as members of CTIG is very important to us. Please read over the document, CTIG ByLaws, and comment using our interest group's official email - In order for the process to proceed in a timely matter, the CSCA has asked us to close the comments on March 19, 2004.

I am immediately proposing one important detail in the bylaws. Currently CTIG gives an unnamed award to the winner of the top paper. I have included the following wording  for Article VIII Section 1 of our bylaws to read - in honor of THE senior communication theorist at CSCA -

"The top competitive paper of the Communication Theory Interest Group shall be designated the Em Griffin Award. The winner of this award shall be determined by the Chair, based on Reviewer evaluations..."

I believe that Dr. Griffin's outstanding contributions to to CTIG, CSCA, and to our discipline as a whole make him worthy of such an honor.

The bylaws process will then proceed as follows:

March 26: Updated bylaws go back CSCA Member services to be distributed to all members..

CTIG Business Meeting: Bylaws to be discussed and approved by membership.

April 6: Final bylaws presented to the CSCA Executive Committee.

On behalf of the CTIG Officers, I want to thank you in advance for attention and participation as we continue to strengthen the interest group, and CSCA

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Herrmann
Vice Chair, CTIG