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OUDPC Call for Participation

The Ohio Underground Damage Prevention Coalition is looking for people in the Industry to sign-up to serve on a Subcommittee and/or a Discussion Group within the OUDPC.  

Three Subcommittees have been created: 
•  Accountability for Third Party Locators
•  Exemptions
•  Size and Scope of a Ticket and Large Project (size and scope and large project is one subcommittee)
Subcommittees will work on issues that have a reasonable likelihood of making it into the next revision per our discussion at the last meeting.
Four Discussion Groups have been created: 
•  Abandoned Lines
•  Life of a Ticket
•  48 Hour Waiting Period
•  Training
Discussion groups will look at additional matters, not for this potential revision, but perhaps in the future.
You may sign-up to serve on any of the team(s) you choose simply by sending an email to the contact below.  Once the subcommittees and discussion groups are established, OUDPC will notify each group of its members. We can provide research, first steps, etc.
Feel free to visit the OUDPC page on Ohio Utilities Protection Service’s web site in order to find meeting minutes, and in the future, proposed language and summaries that will be submitted by the soon-to-be formed subcommittees and discussion groups. 
Alice J. Miller
Director, Community Affairs
Ohio Utilities Protection Service
Now Doing Business as OHIO811
Cell: 330.720.5265
Text Messages: 330.608.9751
Mailing Address:  PO Box 729
Physical Address:  12467 Mahoning Ave.
North Jackson, OH 44451