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Planroom Rules and Regulations

Blueprint Order Form

  1. Please sign in when entering the planroom. To access the planroom, you must be an employee of a member company in good standing with the Builders Exchange of Dayton.
  2. If you are not a member of the Builders Exchange, you may use the planroom by paying the $50 non-member fee each time you visit. The only exception is if you have a code given to you by a General Contractor using our private Planroom or Private Planroom plus systems.
  3. Plans and specs are never to be moved off site. Your membership includes 24/7 access to the planroom
  4. Plans must be returned to their location after use.
  5. To be courteous to other planroom users and to classes that occasionally take place in planroom, turn down your ringer volume or put cell phone on vibrate.
  6. Our staff is available to answer questions on projects as it pertains to our website (arrival dates, addendum questions, using the website, etc) but are not permitted to answer specific questions such as choosing drawings, bidding jobs or performing take-offs.
  7. All drawings are $3.00 per page, $2.00 if you print the drawings yourself. In order for the staff to print drawings for you, they must be requested in writing.

Blueprint order forms are available in the planroom or online at and can be emailed ( or faxed (937-278-3843) in to the Builders Exchange. Online members can order prints directly from the website. If you have any questions on ordering drawings, please let us know.

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Blueprint Order Form

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