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FREE WEBINAR! GET PAID: The Construction Contract Payment Process

GET PAID: The Construction Contract Payment Process



Tuesday, December 15th
2:00 PM


Join us for a special program with Luther Liggett, Jr. to take you through the Construction Contract Payment Process. 
The session will cover the following critical areas:

“Pay If Paid” clause.
Dispute Resolution process: Notice vs. Change Order.
Sales Tax Exemption: Anything in Writing.
Mechanics’ Lien protection.
Notice of Commencement from Owner
Notice of Furnishing to Owner
Dunning Letter; Calendar Tickler System
Lien Affidavit: Front-Office Policy on Timing
Indemnification versus Warranty
Statute of Repose vs. Statute of Limitations


Attorney Profile Luther LiggettPreviously, Luther served as an Assistant Attorney General and as a local City Law Director. He offers almost 40 years experience working with federal, state, and local agencies in subjects varying among taxation, energy, banking, gaming, and politics. As only one of eight Administrative Law Certified Specialists in Ohio, Luther has drafted legislation and administrative rules, representing professionals before licensing agencies and in court, including in the Ohio Court of Claims and before the Ohio Supreme Court. Luther authors a monthly newsletter, The Construction Conversation, and hosts a monthly call-in discussion for construction trade associations and membership statewide.  


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