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Minutes of the Community College Interest Group April 2005

Eastern Communication Association
Annual Convention, Pittsburgh PA 2005
Minutes of the Community College Interest Group
April 29, 2005. 8:15am

Members Present: Gary Eckles, Thomas Nelson CC, Nancy Willets, Cape Cod CC, Isa Engleberg, Prince George CC, Tom Jewell, Bergen CC, Cathy Blackburn, Brookdale CC, Steve Epstein, SUNY Suffolk CC, Shirlee Levin, College of Southern Maryland, Michelle Simpson, College of Southern Maryland, Alberta Arnold, Fiorello H. LaGuardia CC,, David Brantley, College of Southern Maryland, Barbara Harris, Parkersburg � West Virginia Univ.,

Meeting was opened by Gary Eckles, Thomas Nelson CC, who passed the meeting on to the new Chair of the Community College Interest Group, Nancy Willets, Cape Cod CC

Nancy reported on her role as ECA rep to NCA Legislative Assembly. NCA will be spending more money overall this coming year � NCA has developed an organizational operating budget.


Nancy opened discussion about next year (2006) in Philly � theme of convention: Transforming Communication and Community � we have 3 slots, possibly more.

Isa mentioned that she is co � chairing running the Spotlight Series next year in Philly � can we do something with Philly Community College in the community? Service Learning components � think outside the box�submit proposals to Spotlight Series next year

Alberta is on the Nominating Committee for NCA Leadership Roles � send Alberta names of people interested in our region in leadership roles at NCA

ECA bylaws of group were required. Shirlee wrote bylaws ( passed were passed around � ask Nancy for copy) After some minor changes were suggested ( Article V, add section 4 re ECA Nominating Committee member and Article VII , section one, re CCGI chair rep�) the bylaws were unanimously accepted. Nancy will send bylaws to ECA Executive Council. THANKS SHIRLEE

Discussion concerning CCGI representative ECA Nominating Committee defined role. Recruitment, listen to candidates, (friendly to CC?) and serve two years. Nominations from floor, discussion re candidate and vote � Tom Jewell, Bergen CC (NJ) was elected as ECA Nominating Committee Rep to Executive Council starting term in Philly (2206) and continuing through Providence (2008)

Discussions concerning elections for a new Chair Elect, whose duties are described in the bylaws held. Chair Elect for 2006 will take over Nancy in two years and run Community College Interest Group, coinciding with 100th Anniversary of ECA in three years. Question of possibility of co-chairs seemed to be answered positively by group. Discussion concerning responsibilities and institutional support led to group agreement to table discussion until November at NCA meeting. WE NEED A NEW CHAIR ELECT � MEMBERS URGED TO CONSIDER � SEE BY LAWS - contact Nancy Willets at Cape Cod CC for further information


  1. Transforming Community Theme � What makes a CC so important to the changes and transformations happening in their communities? Successful Alumni to testify to importance and how they changed their communities by attending CC
  2. Creating Community in the Online Course � Tom Jewell, Bergen CC - chair ?
  3. GIFTS ONLINE � Tom Jewell, Bergen CC � chair ?
  4. Transfer/Articulation Agreements � how do they transform our students? Shirlee Levin, College of Southern Maryland � chair?
  5. Hybrid Colleges � one college, many levels of college degrees � Barbara Harris, Parkersburg, WVU & Cathy Blackburn, Brookdale CC (NJ) Transforming Communities, Transforming Ourselves
  6. CC and High School Students � In Locus Parentis? Shirlee Levin, College of Southern Maryland � chair?
  7. Student Conduct Codes and Disruptive Behaviors � Are the Codes Working?
  8. Basic Course � Pre or Co Requisites, Sequencing and Students Testing Out
  9. Basic Course � Answering Gen Ed Concerns/Challenges on Your Campus

It was agreed that Nancy will send this list of possible panels out to membership via email several times to generate interest before deadline for panel submissions in November
Submitted by Cathy Blackburn, May 4, 2005