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Minutes April 29, 2006

Eastern Communication Association

Applied Communication Interest Group Minutes

April 29, 2006

Philadelphia, PA

I. Meeting opened at 9:37 a.m. by Ronald C. Arnett, Interest Group planner for 2006


III. Attendance:

A. 12 members present

B. Secretary to take minutes -- Janie Harden Fritz will be secretary for this year, confirming her appointment from last year

II. Old Business

A. Minutes of 2005 meeting approved; Motion to accept by L. Freeman, seconded by J Pickett; unanimous acceptance of minutes

B. 2006 Conference discussed. There are approximately 200 members of the Applied Communication Group

A. 9 total programs proposed � all accepted

B. 12 competitive papers submitted, 11 of which were paneled

C. 5 panels, all accepted

D. Additional information regarding panel attendance

E. Top competitive paper award this year given to Jessica L. Taylor

F. Thanks to the following paper/panel reviewers this year: Janet Reynolds Bodenman, Bloomsburg University; Kathleen T. Brown, Penn State- McKeesport; and Jeanne Persuit, Duquesne University

G. Ronald C. Arnett reminded us to think about Spotlight panels, with people like a Ken Cissna.

III. New Business

A. Passing of the gavel to Kathleen T. Brown of Pennsylvania State University-McKeesport

B. 2007 Convention Theme: Intersections. Convention will be held in Providence, Rhode Island. Can bring own audio visual; no spotlight but townhall about research and scholarship. Looking for experts � spotlights and business arena people. Poster session in a big hall; looking for presenters. Rick talked about federal reserve � president�s reception there. Flowers are gone.

C. Lisa Millhous representative to ECA Executive Council for 2006-2008. Her report: 750 attendance at this conference; 14,000 in sponsorships; from ballroom to exhibit hall had to move and got back $3000 because of inconvenience; 114 members in Applied; first 100 people got ECA socks. Journals: Comm Q: 52-54 filled; 20% acceptance rate. CRR volume is filled, 32% acceptance rate. QRR is receiving national and intn 30-40 a year and no acceptance rate numbers. Wendy Samter elected Comm Research Reports editor. We�re working with EBSCO, consistent with NCA. Paying ECA by check saves money. Baltimore, DC, and San Juan are options for 2010. Interpersonal 190; smallest Interp & Perf & KB, with each in 30�s. Applied 114. Six areas behind us and a number behind. Intersections theme is looking at spillovers, interlocking areas like teacher/student, home/work, places of convergence and perhaps even tension.

D. Election of three positions

1. New Vice President for applied communication interest group 2008: Jeanne Persuit; Fritz motioned and Lewis Freeman said by acclamation, and all approved.

2. Secretary and paper readers : Janie Fritz for 2007-2208; Lewis Freeman moved that we accepted Fritz for 2007-2008 secretary. Second JBR. Motion passed by acclamation.

3. Paper readers for 2007 convention: Sue Malcolm � Robert Morris; Jeanne Persuit-- Duquesne University; Janet Reynolds Bodenman from Bloomsburg


E. 2007 convention planning

1. Lewis Freeman nominated Ronald C. Arnett of Duquesne University to plan Spotlight/think of members to plan. JPickett suggested focus on ideas vs. people � have academic and practitioner engage in ideas/conversation. Discussion about importance of scholarship; JRB mentioned Roxanne Parrott � how are practitioners actually using a scholar�s model? Making sure the focus remains on scholarship, particularly because of the town hall focus on scholarship and research. Betsy Bach doing Spotlight for next year was mentioned. Textured discussion about scholarship and practice.

2. More discussion of 2007 convention: Lewis says to reserve hotel room now so we can fill our allotment. The hotel is �hungry� and is really glad to get us. We need to stay at the convention hotel to support ECA financially. JRB mentioned bringing students and how there�s not much for undergraduates other than Lambda Pi Eta. Could Applied reach out to students � e.g., careers in applied communication research? Idea was well-received � discussion included poster session, practitioner discussion, professors who teach in applied areas and/or do research now out in the marketplace.

3. Lewis Freeman reminded us to send something in August-September to CRT-NET and another one a month later � looking for proposals. All submissions must be in by Oct. 15.

4. Suggestion that we e-mail among ourselves because we�re here and interested and can also get others from the outside.

5. RCA wants to get Ken Cissna here. Why? Second Journal Editor of Applied Comm. Research; doing best articles; tied to Dialogue; also tied to Dialogic Consortiums of Public Dialogue projects. Interpersonal, Phil Comm, and Applied. Motion made to accept Ron�s Spotlight panel. By acclamation.

6. Adjournment motion by Janet to adjoun second by LF. Adj 10:34 a.m.

F. We may advance nominees/make recommendations for nominees for the following association-wide positions:

1. ECA First Vice President Elect-Select (2009 President)

2. ECA K-12 Representative to NCA Legislative Assembly

3. ECA Representative to the NCA Nominating Committee.

We would give our nominations (if any) for these positions to our designated Interest Group Representative to the ECA Nominating Committee. Sending a nomination to this committee serves only as a recommendation and does not guarantee the final selection by the Nominating Committee.