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2012 Business Meeting Minutes

Applied Communication Association interest group minutes

Cambridge, MA

April 28, 2012

In attendance:

Tatyana Dumova, Point Park University—2012 Interest Group Chair;

Linda Gretton, High Point University;

Janet Reynolds Bodenman, Bloomsburg University;

Todd Kelshaw, Montclair State University;

Sarah Ryan, University of Texas—El Paso;

Christy McDowell Marinchak, Duquesne University;

Linda Sampson, Southern Connecticut State University;

Janie Harden Fritz, Duquesne University;

Jane Petrillo, ???;

Nancy Wiencek, Georgian Court University;

1. Meeting opened 8:00 a.m. by Tatyana Dumova, this year’s planner/interest group chair.

2. Minutes approved

3. Highlights from 2012 convention—Tatyana Dumova

Discussion of 26 individual papers; 24 programmed

6 panels were submitted, and 5 were paneled; Applied Communication saw 13 slots all together. Scheduled 3 people for a panel typically; most of the time had respondent and chair for each panel.

Thanks to 2012 Interest Group Reviewers:

Ronald C. Arnett, Duquesne University

Maria Brann, West Virginia University

Kill K. Burk, Penn State University Berks

Jack Ciak, Seton Hill University

Joe Downing, Penn State York

Tatyana Dumova, Point Park University

Janie Harden Fritz, Duquesne University

Todd Kelshaw, Montclair State University

Amanda G. McKendree, University of Notre Dame

Christina L. McDowell Marinchak, Duquesne University

Helen Meldrum, Bentley University

Sarah Ryan, University of Texas El Paso

Linda Sampson, Southern Connecticut State University

Hans C. Schmidt, Penn State University Brandywine

Tami Tomasello, Florida State University

Nancy Wiencek, Georgian Court University

Cem Zeytonoglu, East Stroudsburg University

Top Competitive Paper Award: “A Grounded Theory of Control over Communication among Ghanaians Living with HIV/AIDS” by Cyril Latzoo, Duquesne University

4a.  Planning for 2013 convention—Nancy Wiencek

Dates and Location: April XX-XX, 2013, Omni William Penn, Pittsburgh

Theme: Confluence

Discussion of health of applied communication interest group re attendance at panels, definition of applied communication.  Decision to remain defined within a broad horizon rested with past practices and desire to offer opportunities for multiple understandings.

Five undergraduate submissions for Undergraduate Scholars Conference  competed with other full length papers for inclusion in the interest group’s offerings.  Asked to compete with the regular submissions and not be considered for undergraduate scholars; they wouldn’t get funding if it was an undergraduate conference and not a regular one. Tatyana permitted it.

Discussion about whether undergrads should present with grad students and faculty; decided not to worry about it and deal with issues as they arise. In this case, the students did great jobs. Four of them were paneled together, on crisis; another student was in another group. That student is now a graduate student.

4b. VP Nancy Willets visited the meeting and thanked Tatyana Dumova for her service as Applied Communication Division planner.  VP Nancy Willets shared reports about  ECA:

Current size of interest group is 93; change in interest group representation is afoot and will be on the ballot.

Ethics policy was adopted

Ronald C. Arnett will be Executive Director for a second term

Extended the logo contest for another year; serious moves forward on redesigning the web site.

We didn’t have representation on the council this year; Sarah Ryan will represent this time.

Half the groups will have a one year term and others will have two.

5. Election of Officers

Todd Kelshaw was elected planner for 2014 conference in Cambridge

Jane Petrillo was elected secretary for 2013.

6. New Business: Note about honoring all participants—there are no “minions” here.  Thanks to all who participated in the conference.

Meeting adjourned 8:28 a.m.