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ECA 2013 Convention - Opportunities for Sponsorships/Advertisements/Exhibitors

Dear ECA Members,
I hope you have enjoyed the summer and are ready for the coming months. I wanted to reach out to all ECA members to let you know that there are opportunities to sponsor events at the 2013 ECA Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to sponsoring a variety of events, there are opportunities to support ECA through the purchase of advertising space in the conference program. We already have sponsors/advertisements for lanyards, the President’s Reception, divider tabs and the back cover of the program.
Please help support the continued efforts of ECA in furthering our field!
For further information, please visit the ad/sponsorship site at the following link:
If I can assist you as you are reviewing advertising and sponsorship opportunities, you may contact me at or 216-246-0441.
Thank you!
Katherine S. Thweatt, EdD
West Virginia Wesleyan College
ECA, Marketing Director