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ECA 2013 - Interpretation and Performance Studies Interest Group Info

Hello Interpretation and Performance Studies Interest Group Members,
I hope all is going well for you all as you make plans for the ECA Convention in Pittsburgh this month! Here's a list of all of the Interpretation and Performance Studies panels going on in Pittsburgh, including our Business Meeting and the event to see "Clybourne Park" at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre. I hope you'll be able to attend some of these exciting panels and events!
Hope to see you in Pittsburgh in a few weeks!
Program Planner, Interpretation and Performance Studies
Thursday 1:00-2:15pm
Conference C
(Pop) Culture as Performance: Exploring Identities through Religion, Spatial Interaction and
Vanity Plates
Sponsor: Interpretation and Performance Studies
Chair: Mary Mino, Penn State DuBois
Respondent: Valerie Lynn Schrader, Penn State Schuylkill
“Driving Identity: Vanity Plates as Identity Performance”
Megan M. Dowd, Hamilton College
Heather Ferrara, Cazenovia College
“The Death of a Pop-Star Pope: An Analysis of John Paul II’s Funeral as Media Event”*
Mary Catherine Kennedy, Ohio University
“Underneath the Concrete of the Street, the Sea of the Beach: Poststructuralist Performance and Everyday Spatial Subjectivity”
Hunter H. Fine, Bloomburg University
Thursday 2:30-3:45pm
Parkview West
Top Competitive Papers in Interpretation and Performance Studies
Sponsor: Interpretation and Performance Studies
Chair & Respondent: Valerie Lynn Schrader, Penn State Schuylkill
“Performing with Food: Relationships between Food, Women’s Performance of ‘Good Mother,’ and Childhood
Health Outcomes”*
Sarah N. Heiss, University of Vermont
Heather J. Carmack, James Madison University
“Marriage Play(z) as Third-Space Consciousness”**
Sydney Pasquinelli, University of Pittsburgh
“Marital Engagement as the Hero’s Journey: An Application of Campbell’s Monomyth”
Sarah Zaitchik, University of Texas at Austin
This panel features the top three competitive papers from the Interpretation and Performance Studies Interest Group
from this year.
*Top Competitive Paper
**Top Student Paper; Debut Paper
Friday 12:30-1:45pm
Conference A
The Confluence of Power, Privilege, and Family in Philadelphia’s Italian Market: A Dialogic
Sponsor: Interpretation and Performance Studies
Chair: Heidi M. Rose, Villanova University
Minh Cao, Villanova University
Kavya Chengappa, Villanova University
Adam Cohen, Villanova University
Kevin Gary, Villanova University
Robin Kanak, Villanova University
Colleen Mullen, Villanova University
Marianela Nunez, Villanova University
Using sound, images, and narrative, this program weaves together six individual fieldwork experiences into a coconstructed,
dialogic, collective ethnographic performance of South Philadelphia’s Italian Market. The work of
Dwight Conquergood and Bud Goodall provides the theoretical foundation for understanding self in relation to
other, and for uncovering the particularity of a single ethnographic voice in concert with other voices.
Friday 3:00-4:00pm
Interpretation & Performance Studies Business Meeting
Friday 5:00-6:15pm
Parkview West
Talking Tactics: Mediated Messages, Audience Attention, and Imposing Ideologies
Sponsor: Interpretation and Performance Studies
Chair: Candi S. Carter Olson, University of Pittsburgh
David Landes, University of Pittsburgh
Meredith Guthrie, University of Pittsburgh
Christina E. Saindon, Southern Illinois University
Heather Liebling, University of Pittsburgh
This panel matches a confluence of communication disciplines to examine how audience attention is directed in
ways that create controlling ideologies. From the marketing of Brave’s Merida as a stereotypical princess to the
framing of newswomen as sexualized objects to a performance piece that shows how the ideology of “fat” is created,
we use our differing perspectives to examine how meaning and identity are developed by the media focusing an
audience’s attention.
Saturday, April 27:
Clybourne Park at the O’Reilly Theatre:
Show begins at 8:00pm; meet in lobby of Omni William Penn at 7:15pm to walk to theatre

$25.75 for adults; $15.75 for students (must register by 4/19 to be assured seat with the group)

Clybourne Park, written by Bruce Norris and directed by Pamela Berlin, will be performed by Pittsburgh Public Theatre. From the Pittsburgh Public Theatre Website: “This winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Drama looks at one house in two different years: 1959 and 2009. In Act One, the mid-20th century problem centers on a black family moving into Chicago’s white Clybourne Park. In Act Two, it’s 50 years later and the issue is white gentrification in the now black neighborhood. Norris uses Lorraine Hansberry’s landmark play, A Raisin in the Sun, as the starting point for his perceptive and sharply funny play about the minefield of personalities that must be negotiated before a community can be created.”