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ECA 2013 - Media Communication Interest Group Reminders


I look forward to seeing you all in Pittsburgh! The Media Communication Interest Group is sponsoring a number of wonderful presentations, thanks to the hard work of our program planner, C. Leigh Nelson. I hope you'll have the time to attend many of them.

Also, please attend the business meeting of the Media Communication Interest Group. Newcomers are always welcome! The meeting is this Friday at noon in the Anchor Room. Besides the normal business, including election of a new secretary, we have two important items to consider:

1. Any Requested Changes/Updates to the Bylaws and Approval of Bylaws. To view the current bylaws, click here:

2. We need an Executive Council Interest Group Representative. It is a two-year term. Ideally, the person would be able to attend a meeting Sunday morning.

Safe travels!

Take care,
Marsha Ducey
Chair, Media Communication Interest Group