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PPIF graphicProduct & Price Information Format Standard (PPIF)


Product & Price Information Format (PPIF) Standard:
Automating Product/Price Information Updates Creates Supply Chain Efficiencies, Enhances Customer Service

FPDA has endorsed the Product/Price Information Format (PPIF) Standard, developed by leading industrial distribution trade associations, as the standard for information exchange among supply chain partners in the Fluid Power/Motion Control industry. The standard seeks to establish an industry-wide system for communicating price updates to channel partners, creating efficiency in channel communications.

Distributors typically receive product and price information updates in numerous formats from their vendors, each of which must be translated into a file their system can read, or entered manually. With the PPIF, this process is automated, saving time and resources and protecting the integrity of the data. One of FPDA?s strategic goals is to promote and assist in developing more efficient and effective channel relationships and endorsement of this standard is a logical way to help accomplish this goal.

Developed by Power Transmission Distributors Association and the Bearing Specialists Association, PPIF is designed to supersede both ANSI pricing formats and vendor-customized reporting programs, and can be easily installed and used by manufacturers, distributors and OEMs. Its ASCII format eliminates the need for significant software expenditure by users, and is transmitted via mail, e-mail or the Internet.

FPDA has endorsed use of the PPIF as the Standard for the fluid power/motion control supply channel; other industry organizations that have endorsed the PPIF Standard include:

ABMA - American Bearing Manufacturers Association
AHTD - Association for High Technology Distribution
BSA - Bearing Specialists Association
NFPA - National Fluid Power Association Distributor Council
PTDA - Power Transmission Distributors Association

  • One way to greater savings: The PPIF reduces costs to create, transmit and upload updates.
  • One way to improved accuracy: By eliminating the need for manual re-keying by distributors, the PPIF ensures accuracy and reduces the time to upload and implement updates.
  • One way to enhanced efficiency: The PPIF allows manufacturers to supply and distributors to receive price updates in a single standardized format, dramatically reducing transaction costs and improving channel efficiency. 

Three Easy Steps to Implementing the PPIF Standard

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2. Get Going! Adopting and Implementing PPIF

3. Promoting the Standard in the Fluid Power/Motion Control Industry

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