Profit Report

The best source of financial benchmarks for the industry is the FPDA PROFIT Survey. The information in this report provides answers to questions such as “Are the most successful firms in a down market placing more emphasis on gross margin management or expense control?”

In short, this report presents a wealth of financial and operating guidelines. In addition, it provides direct comparisons between your firm and other participating firms. This valuable information is only available for free to distributor firms that participate in the study. Participants receive:

The PROFIT Report

A financial and operating profile of the entire industry.

Profit Improvement Profile

A confidential report sent directly to you comparing your firm with similar participating firms. Many firms take this report to the bank to discuss loans and lines of credit.

Profit Toolkit Online

A Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet to assist your financial planning.  Access instructions are included with your Profit Improvement Profile.

The detailed benchmarking information in the PROFIT Report and in your Profit Improvement Profile is available to members free of charge.  This data more than pays for annual dues!

Profit Planning Group keeps your proprietary company data strictly confidential. Only the necessary staff of Profit Planning Group ever sees your data. Reports present only aggregated results. Strict masking procedures are used so no individual firm data can be identified. All survey forms are destroyed after processing. In over 20 years of conducting benchmarking studies, Profit Planning Group has an unblemished record of maintaining confidentiality.

2018 FPDA PROFIT Report