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Today, more than ever, you need real, hard data to help you manage your business effectively.  FPDA’s monthly Snapshot Survey is an online, interactive monthly index of fluid power distributor sales, orders, and inventory levels.  

Busy distributors need an accurate barometer for their own business, and for the overall fluid power industry, in terms of current sales, orders, and inventory value. The data needs to be accessible 24/7, and wouldn’t it be nice if it was FREE?

FPDA members, with the aid of a custom-designed web-based program, can get what they need from the FPDA Industry Snapshot Survey. Easy to use, with instant results and guaranteed security of your data, the Snapshot Survey requires one-time initial set up of your Company Profile. Thereafter, by submitting three numbers (sales, orders, and inventory levels) on a monthly basis, you will be able to instantly be able to run graphs showing your current numbers compared to what others in the industry are doing (see example below). And the best part: FPDA distributor members may participate in the Snapshot Survey AT NO ADDITIONAL FEE!

Industry Sales, Orders, Inventory Data at Your Fingertips… When You Need It!

Activating your Company ID will take very little time; once you are activated, you’ll spend less than five minutes a month entering three figures—total sales, total orders, and inventory value for the month. As always, confidentiality of your data is of utmost importance. The Industry Snapshot Survey website is secure; FPDA staff has access only to Company IDs, but cannot access the actual data submitted by its members. Our technology partner on this project, Epicor, has access to the data submitted, but not to Company IDs. This double-blind method ensures that no one can discern any one company’s data. Activate your Snapshot Survey participation now, and get even more data than ever!