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10 Mistakes in Cybersecurity and How to Avoid Them


It's easy to rest on our laurels. Prevent a few breaches – or go long enough without one – and you start to feel invincible. While our efforts are certainly laudable, we can't get too comfortable.

As defenders, we always need to be on the hunt for what we've missed and ways to do better. Here are ten common cybersecurity mistakes that crop up (and how to avoid them):

  1. Failing to get executive support. It's tempting to run off down the right direction before getting C-suite approval (ask for forgiveness, not permission, right?). However, that can backfire with unintended consequences down the road. If you think your executives will balk at the price of some ongoing security measures, try adding the cost of a breach into the budget package. That type of price-conditioning might make them more amenable to dishing out necessary precautions now.


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