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2018 IFASC Spring Conference & Tradeshow Registration Still Open

Why ASCs should attend

Why should all Indiana ASCs attend? 



MAY 04, 2018

7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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Emergency Preparedness Exercises and Staff Training are MANDATORY

The following is communication from Randy Snyder, ISDH Acute Care Division Director, when asked in an email to Carol Blanar, IFASC Executive Director, on October 25, 2017, to clarify how the state surveyors would handle the issue of emergency preparedness exercises and staff training.

"All ASCs must have the four components in place y Nov 15, 2017.  Centers that have participated in or held an exercise within the preceding 12 months meet the exercise requirement.

For those that have not participated in or held an exercise within the preceding 12 months should have documentation demonstrating a good faith effort in finding an activity in which to participate or evidence that they have registered, signed up for or planned an exercise in the near future.  It is our understanding that CMS will NOT be imposing any enforcement actions should a center be cited; an acceptable POC will be the only requirement should a citation be issued.

We will be using Life Safety Code surveyors to conduct the EP portion of the survey for centers that do not have deemed status and for any validation survey that is assigned by CMS.  For us, that means approximately 25% of non-deemed ASCs and 1-2 validation surveys for federal fiscal year 18."

The 2018 Spring Conference agenda promises another day of highly informative, valuable information to assist you in your life and job.  FREE MASSAGES TOO!  

Registration, speaker qualifications, & agenda online at

 REMINDER:  We are going green with electronic mailings, online registrations, plus all handouts at the conference will be accessible electronically on your phone, tablet or laptop via the website.

Conference Registrants will be notified 1 week prior to the meeting or as soon as all the handouts have been posted on the website so you can print them if desired.
 Location:   Ritz Charles
                    12156 N. Meridian Street
                     Carmel, IN  46032

We look forward to seeing you at the conference! 


Carol Blanar, Executive Director

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