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New IFASC Management

W J WEISER Association Mgmt

Dear $$Full Name$$

As many of you know, I resigned after 13 years at the IFASC Executive Director helm.  Many of you ask, "What's next."  My answer:  "Rest, relaxation and when or if I get bored, I will think of something else to take on."  Thank you all for your support of me, the board of directors who volunteered their time, and the organization that has watched out for you and your surgery center to make sure your centers remained viable. I will miss seeing you all at conferences.  Best wishes.

Sincerely,  Carol Blanar

Please continue to support those who are taking over management of the IFASC.  The board has made the very best decision to hire WJ Weiser Association Management to continue the effort to expand and make the IFASC a progressive organization.  They have more resources and support personnel to develop and  make available the help you need to run your organization safely and efficiently.  Their contact information is below.


IFASC Spring Conference

April 26, 2019
502 East Event Center
502 E. Carmel Drive
Carmel, IN 


Barbara Arango, IFASC Executive Director
WJ Weiser Association Management
1100 E Woodfield Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173




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