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ITC Live Webinar Sessions 

Escape This! ~ Building Virtual Escape Rooms (for free!)
Tuesday, May 8, 2018
2:00 pm EDT

Designing for student success: Fostering self-regulated learning skills through online course design
Tuesday, May 22, 2018
2:00 pm EDT

Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking in an Online Course
Tuesday, June 12, 2018
2:00 pm EDT

What is Learning Experience Design?
Tuesday, June 26, 2018
2:00 pm EDT

The Impact of the DE Discussion Boards on Course Success Rates at California Community Colleges
Tuesday, July 10, 2018
2:00 pm EDT

Hello OLO! Discover How Bay College Designed, Implemented and Maintains Mandatory Online Learning Orientation
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE TBD
2:00 pm EDT

Archived Webinars

January - June 2018

Increasing Retention In Your Distance Learning Program

The Futurology of Distance Education: Ten Major Trends and Challenges in the Next 5 Years

Cut the Apron Strings: Branding Your Online College

Improving Student Success, A Statewide Professional Development Initiative


January - December 2017

Challenges of Accessibility Compliance & The ITC Accessibility Taskforce

Academic Integrity in the Era of CourseHero

Federal Regulatory Update

The NEW 'Yellow Brick Road': Making sense of Online Pathways at Richland College

A Journey to Universal Accessibility within eLearning Environments

The Effects of a Virtual Community on Mature Learners’ Feelings of Isolation within Online Programs

Accessibility: Roane State Community College’s approach, and the 5 simple things faculty can do to make their courses more accessible

Breaking Down the Walls: Using Presence Building Technologies to Improve Student Engagement and Performance in Online Introductory Psychology

The Good, The Excellent, The Wonderful: Positive Feedback Strategies to Enhance Student Engagement

The Blended Learning Consortium

Having it All: How Open Educational Resources Give Faculty and Students What They Want - FREE

OERs: Small Campus/Big Impact - FREE

The Annual ITC eLearning Grand Debate; A Broader Examination

 Best Practices for Detecting Student Financial Aid Fraud in Online Classes

 eLearning Administrative Model: How is online learning structured at your college?

January - December 2016

11th Annual ITC National Distance Education Survey - Results and Trends

Accessibility Testing: Bridging the Gap Between Developers and End Users

Accelerated Learning in Advanced Manufacturing

Animated, Authentic, Accessible, and Free: Using Video in Online Courses

Avoiding the Zombie Apocalypse - Tools for Universal Design in Online Courses: Part One

Avoiding the Zombie Apocalypse - Tools for Universal Design in Online Courses: Part Two

C.H.A.L.K-From the Chalkboard to the Keyboard: An Online Faculty Development Program

Connecting the Distance Learner: Supporting Academic Persistence using Social Media Technology

Designing for Student Success

Effective Cooperative Learning Online - Fostering Community in the Online Classroom

Engineering Online Courses with Backwards Course Design

Federal Regulations Update

Is the 2016 HS Graduate Truly a Digital Native? Understanding the Technology Skills of Today’s College Student

ITC Online Community and MightyBell

It can be done: Effective collaborative assignments in the online classroom

Not so Distant Learners: Creating a Sense of Presence in Online Courses/Programs

Packing your virtual backpack: A required pre-registration assessment for online students

Refresh, Revise and Comply: A New Approach to Course Quality

Research, Results, and Best Practices Emerge from EdReady Montana

Online Teaching: Strategies, Activities, and Discoveries from Research and Practice

Open Educational Resources: Reducing Costs, Expanding Access, and Improving Engagement

Teaching with 'Glass'

Teaching World Languages in the Virtual Classroom

The Internet of Things (IofT): What Is It AND How Does It Affect You?

Unlearning our Past to Create the Future of Online Learning

Using Online Instruction to Prepare Students for Lab in a Technical Program