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Thursday, November 8, 2018

National Distance Education Week: Where We Started, Where We Are and Where We're Going


ITC Online Accessibility Task Force: Standards/Best Practice Workgroup

Archived Webinars

January 2018 -

Online Assessments as Tools for Deep Learning

Forward50 National Leadership: Financial Aid Policy

Make the Move: Moving from Reactive to Proactive Accessibility

ITC Online Accessibility Task Force: Sharing and Awareness Workgroup

Escape This! ~ Building Virtual Escape Rooms (for free!)

Designing for student success: Fostering self-regulated learning skills through online course design

Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking in an Online Course

What is Learning Experience Design?

The Impact of the DE Discussion Boards on Course Success Rates at California Community Colleges

Hello OLO! Discover How Bay College Designed, Implemented and Maintains Mandatory Online Learning Orientation

Increasing Retention In Your Distance Learning Program

The Futurology of Distance Education: Ten Major Trends and Challenges in the Next 5 Years

Cut the Apron Strings: Branding Your Online College

Improving Student Success, A Statewide Professional Development Initiative


January - December 2017

Challenges of Accessibility Compliance & The ITC Accessibility Taskforce

Academic Integrity in the Era of CourseHero

Federal Regulatory Update

The NEW 'Yellow Brick Road': Making sense of Online Pathways at Richland College

A Journey to Universal Accessibility within eLearning Environments

The Effects of a Virtual Community on Mature Learners’ Feelings of Isolation within Online Programs

Accessibility: Roane State Community College’s approach, and the 5 simple things faculty can do to make their courses more accessible

Breaking Down the Walls: Using Presence Building Technologies to Improve Student Engagement and Performance in Online Introductory Psychology

The Good, The Excellent, The Wonderful: Positive Feedback Strategies to Enhance Student Engagement

The Blended Learning Consortium

Having it All: How Open Educational Resources Give Faculty and Students What They Want - FREE

OERs: Small Campus/Big Impact - FREE

The Annual ITC eLearning Grand Debate; A Broader Examination

 Best Practices for Detecting Student Financial Aid Fraud in Online Classes

 eLearning Administrative Model: How is online learning structured at your college?

January - December 2016

11th Annual ITC National Distance Education Survey - Results and Trends

Accessibility Testing: Bridging the Gap Between Developers and End Users

Accelerated Learning in Advanced Manufacturing

Animated, Authentic, Accessible, and Free: Using Video in Online Courses

Avoiding the Zombie Apocalypse - Tools for Universal Design in Online Courses: Part One

Avoiding the Zombie Apocalypse - Tools for Universal Design in Online Courses: Part Two

C.H.A.L.K-From the Chalkboard to the Keyboard: An Online Faculty Development Program

Connecting the Distance Learner: Supporting Academic Persistence using Social Media Technology

Designing for Student Success

Effective Cooperative Learning Online - Fostering Community in the Online Classroom

Engineering Online Courses with Backwards Course Design

Federal Regulations Update

Is the 2016 HS Graduate Truly a Digital Native? Understanding the Technology Skills of Today’s College Student

ITC Online Community and MightyBell

It can be done: Effective collaborative assignments in the online classroom

Not so Distant Learners: Creating a Sense of Presence in Online Courses/Programs

Packing your virtual backpack: A required pre-registration assessment for online students

Refresh, Revise and Comply: A New Approach to Course Quality

Research, Results, and Best Practices Emerge from EdReady Montana

Online Teaching: Strategies, Activities, and Discoveries from Research and Practice

Open Educational Resources: Reducing Costs, Expanding Access, and Improving Engagement

Teaching with 'Glass'

Teaching World Languages in the Virtual Classroom

The Internet of Things (IofT): What Is It AND How Does It Affect You?

Unlearning our Past to Create the Future of Online Learning

Using Online Instruction to Prepare Students for Lab in a Technical Program