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August 22, 2019

Dear Sarah:

Congratulations on taking a huge step towards your professional growth and development by joining the Women in Stone Mentorship Program. By now, you should have received an email letting you know who you have been matched with.

Remember that it is the mentee’s responsibility to reach out to their mentor to schedule appointments. Our mentors have graciously committed their time to helping you. They want to see you succeed! They are also very busy. You may need to be persistent and flexible.

Below you will find some things to help you get started. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at or 440-250-9222.

Best Regards,

Sarah B Gregg
Women in Stone Administrator
Natural Stone Institute

Your First Meeting

Mentees should reach out to their mentors to schedule the first meeting. We strongly recommend meeting via video chat (Skype and Facetime work well). If these are not possible, meet via phone.  Plan to spend 1 hour per month.

Month One Guidance

Get to know your mentor/mentee on a professional and personal level. Read through this worksheet ahead of time to prepare for your conversation. You can also refer to this during your meeting.

Month One Guidance

Kick Start Webinar

If you did not get an opportunity to participate in the Kick Start Webinar this week, you can access it via the link below. This was meant for mentees but mentors may also find value in watching.

Kick Start Webinar Link


Next Month

In April you will be discussing your career paths and setting some goals to achieve by the end of this mentorship program. It may be helpful to see feedback from your manager before doing this, so please remember to have a conversation with them. You can use our Manager Feedback Form if needed.

Don’t forget to set a time for your next meeting before your March meeting is compete.

Manager Feedback Form for Mentees