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August 22, 2019

Dear Sarah:

Last month you got to know your mentor/mentee on a professional and personal level. This month you will be discussing your career paths and setting some goals to achieve by the end of the mentorship program.

Best Regards,
Sarah B Gregg
Women in Stone Administrator
Natural Stone Institute

This Month:

1. Career achievements and challenges. Read through the suggested topics worksheet before  your meeting. You may also refer to this during your conversation.

Month Two Topics Worksheet

2. Review manager feedback form. Talk through the feedback you received from your manager with your mentor.

Manager Feedback Form

3. Set goals. Set 2-3 measurable goals you wish to accomplish by the end of the mentorship program.


Next Month:

In May you will be discussing topics related to specific categories highly relevant to the stone industry. Don’t forget to schedule your next meeting before you end your April conversation.