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June 01, 2018

Dear Sarah:

We have reached the midway point for the 2018 Women in Stone Mentorship Program. Please take 10 minutes to complete the survey linked below.

Best Regards,
Sarah B Gregg
Women in Stone Administrator
Natural Stone Institute

Mid-Point Evaluation Survey

Please complete the short survey linked below before May 31st. Your feedback will help us to make adjustments to the program for next year.

Survey Link


Mid-Point Webinar Recap

Last week we held a webinar to share how several participants are progressing with their mentor/mentee relationships. Some are on track, while others are just getting started. Here are some tips that were shared:

  • Setting specific mentee goals helps to drive progress.
  • Some mentor / mentee relationships have ended up being more of a peer to peer match-up since both are learning and growing through their conversations.
  • Sometimes discussing work/life balance and allowing your conversations to get more personal, is ultimately the most helpful for your career.
  • The impact of meeting your mentor/mentee in person is substantial for solidifying your relationship long term. If you get the opportunity to do this, please do!
  • Use this mentorship opportunity to ask your mentors questions you might be afraid to ask colleagues within your company.