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August 10, 2018

Dear Sarah:

This is the final month of the 2018 Women in Stone Mentorship Program. Use this time to wrap up your agendas. Later this month, you will be receiving a survey with questions specific to your experience with your mentor/mentee. We greatly appreciate your participation and look forward to your feedback to enhance the program for next year.

Best Regards,
Sarah B Gregg
Women in Stone Administrator
Natural Stone Institute

This Month:

  1. Review goals.
  2. Review individualized agenda.
  3. Did you accomplish your goals?


Final evaluation.

Later this month, please watch for our brief survey. Your feedback will be helpful in revising our program for next year.


What’s next? 

If you made a strong connection with your mentor/mentee and respect their accomplishments and career goals, consider sponsorship. Coaching is talking to someone, mentoring is talking with someone to guide them, and sponsoring is talking about someone in circles of influence. Be a champion for them within the stone industry: recommend them to serve on key committees, serve as a reference for job opportunities, suggest them for projects you are working on, and nominate them for awards. The end of this six month program should not mean the end of your relationship with your mentor/mentee.