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May 03, 2023

Last Month:

Last month you discussed your career paths and set some goals to achieve by the end of this program. This month you will be discussing topics related to specific categories highly relevant to the stone industry. If you have not completed your first and second meetings, please refer to past guidance emails on our Mentorship Page.

Third Meeting:

Review Goals

  • Read through the goals you set during your last meeting. Try to keep those in mind as you begin your discussion this month.

Category-Specific Conversation Topics

  • You will likely find questions in each category that you wish to discuss with your mentor so be sure to read through this worksheet before your meeting. You may also refer to this during your conversation. Month 3 Conversation Topics.

Define Agendas

  • At this point in your relationship, you have gotten to know one another and your respective career goals fairly well. Use your insights to set individualized agendas for your fourth, fifth, and sixth meetings. You can refer to previous guidance worksheets to help you, or simply jot down topics you wish to review. Don’t forget to schedule your next meeting before you end your third conversation.

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