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Quartzite Need Not be a Confusing Stone

Technical Bulletin (DOWNLOAD)

Publisher: MIA
Year: 2017

Quartzite has been causing confusion within the natural stone industry. Some people say it etches.
Some say it doesn’t. Sometimes you hear it’s a hybrid between marble and granite. Yet, others report
that it’s harder than granite. Which is it? Why are there such conflicting reports about quartzite?

The problem with quartzite stems from the fact that it is commonly mislabeled. Some quartzite is
the real deal, but sometimes marble or dolomitic marble are labeled as quartzite. Because each of
these stones behaves differently, people might understandably conclude that quartzite is variable.
But it isn’t; quartzite has very consistent properties. Unfortunately it has variable labeling.

The good news is that this problem has an easy solution. You can use basic diagnostic tests to cut
through the confusion and learn for yourself which stones are genuine quartzite and which ones
are not. Better yet, you can steer your customers toward a stone with properties that are a good
fit for their needs, and you won’t risk having a customer who is disappointed about the performance
of their stone.

The key points of this document are to describe the simple diagnostic tests that can be used to
distinguish quartzite from marble, and to encourage their use to clear up confusion about quartzite.


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