Young Optometrist of the Year

The Michigan Optometric Association “Young Optometrist of the Year” Award recognizes a member of MOA who has been in practice for less than 10 years, who demonstrates outstanding leadership skills when serving their profession, patients and community.


Nominees will be evaluated according to a point system allocated to three principal areas. In your Nomination Statement, please describe key accomplishments or special initiatives that can be attributed to the nominee.
1. Service to Optometry
Leadership roles in local society or state association, major accomplishments, initiation/implementation of unique programs, published articles, assistance of optometry students/recent graduates. (worth 40%)
2. Service to the Visual Welfare of the Public
Service to sight-saving groups; legislative activities beneficial to the visual welfare of the public; participation in governmental health care programs, participation in public service programs such as visual screening projects, etc. (worth 35%)
3. Public Service
Any exemplary public service provided by the nominee to benefit his or her community. These efforts need not be limited to those that are eye care or vision care related. (Ex. Political service, public health, military service, participation in charitable causes, community or religious service. (worth 25%)


Please complete the following information and create a Nomination Statement based on the above criteria.
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