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The Michigan Optometric Association is excited to present you with 2019’s opportunities to market and exhibit your company’s products and services to Michigan’s 1300+ ODs, staff and optometric students.

2019 MOA Partner Program

WORKING TOGETHER. WORKING FOR YOU.  One Simple Step ... Year-Round Recognition.  While the three Partner Program levels provide specific exhibiting, advertising, and sponsored non-CE program opportunities, we invite your suggestions for making modifications for your companies specific needs.  Questions? 

Fall Seminar 2019 Sponsorship + Exhibit Prospectus

The entire years' MOE CE events wrapped into one packet and contract. Select which events your organization wish to attend and reserve your sponsorship, exhibit space and advertising opportunities today! Questions? 


2019 MOA Media Kit 

Advertise through the MOA. The 2019 MOA Media Kit (which conincides with each of our MOA CE offerings) gives you many opportunities to reach your target audience through the MOA publication - The Michigan Optometristwww.themoa.org and the MOA Enews bulletin - MOA LookAround. 

We sincerely appreciate your continued support of the MOA, and we respect your time and sponsorship limitations. We hope that the packaged sponsorship offerings make it easier for you to plan your budget, promotional activities, and travel schedule throughout the year.


Please reach out to us with your questions, ideas, and concerns. Thank you again for your support of the MOA. We look forward to another terrific year of events!